“It takes me 12 months to like a picture of myself”

“Can you take a picture of us?” we asked the young unsuspecting gentleman at the table next to us. While I’m generally bad about remembering to snap pictures, this was my last girls night…as a Louisville resident…with two of my oldest friends. It was a capture worthy moment.

“Sure,” he responded with a grin as he pushed back his chair and stood up to walk around to our table.

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Bookworm – Contagious: Why Things Catch on

Attending a football game I met two characters. Entrepreneurs we will call them. They pitched their creative (to say the least) concept to me. Humored, I played along. Discussion ensued about the product (a type of clothing), target market (males age 18-35) and revenue projections (Y1 = $11m).

When they learned I was an attorney, I was hired as general counsel (note to current employer: I am not seeking a new job. This entire conversation was in jest.) As we continued discussing their idea (which can’t be disclosed here, but I assure you it would make a great SNL commercial and apparently improve the lives of many male college students), I shared that I had doubled in Political Science and Marketing.

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