Can I Still Raise My Kids if I Can’t Sing them Lullabies?

The first time it happened, my oldest was four months old. I sang to him the one nursery rhyme I could recall by memory: Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Because that’s what moms do. I’ve read it in books, seen it on TV,  and listened to more seasoned moms reflect on singing their now grown babies to sleep. I’m now a mom and this is what I should do. Continue reading

Mamas Need Hugs and Kisses Too

When our first child was born, we received many beautiful and thoughtful baby gifts. One mom sent a gift that stood out: white pajamas adorned with green piping on the edges and cotton fabric decorated with a pattern of green and yellow circles. These beautiful pajamas were not for our sweet little boy, but for this new mama.

In the bliss and blur that accompanies bringing home a new baby, her gift caught my attention. In this space, where I had gone from Continue reading

Weekly Top 5, Vol. 6 – Marching Through

Another week that saw Charlotte during the week and Louisville on the weekend. We finally had a relaxing weekend that was filled with a visit from family, lots of playing with the boys, a great solo run, a trip to the zoo and some well deserved guy time for my husband. Loving this quiet morning with coffee and the drizzle of rain on our windows. After getting in bed at 8 last night, I’m ready to… Continue reading

How to Teach Mom to Behave

“GET.  IN.  THE.  CAR.  NOW!” I yelled in frustration and rage. My almost four year old son was backed into the corner of our garage. I was in standing in front of him punctuating each word by waving my arms in the air – breathless from screaming.

In the same moment, I saw the look of fear in my young son’s face. I stepped back. Continue reading

Potty Training: 13 Things the How To Guides Forget to Mention

Morning all! We spent this weekend, helping our 3 year old learn how to use the potty. In the highs and lows that come with it, I turned to writing to cope.

Potty training bootcamp is a simple concept. Stay inside all weekend endlessly watching cartoons or movies. The one time as a mother I do not feel guilty about my children’s screen time.

Most How To’s bill potty training bootcamp as a pant-free, M&M raining weekend of couch potato bliss. All you have to do is find a small portable potty, place it in front of the TV, remove the pants and the coveted diaper, turn on their favorite cartoon, promise a reward if they do it and have them try every 15 minutes. At the end of the weekend, you will have a potty-proficient little person.

Most of that is kind of accurate except they fail to mention Continue reading