Weekly Top 5, Vol. 10 – Officially Down South (again)

Happy Monday! We made the big transition south (more south) over the last week (which is also why there were no posts last week)! After abandoning my morning routine for a few days, as soon as I went back to it, I realized how important it has become to starting my day on the right foot. Despite staying up late to unpack boxes, getting up early was completely worth it to Continue reading

Cleaning up my Clean Up Act: Natural Makeup

Blame it on the all-girls high school I attended, but I have never been able to get in the habit of wearing makeup during the day. College. Law school. The Office. Nope.

The only occasions that warranted makeup were: going out with friends, dates, speaking engagements, client meetings – that was about it.

I still feel a little self-conscious when I wear makeup. Yet (I hate to admit this) I feel better when I apply it. Doctors must think there is something to that too. After my first child was born, the North Carolina hospital’s discharge papers directed new mothers to apply makeup to ward off postpartum!

Call it hitting 35 and realizing I could use some help. Or call it moving back to my small hometown where it is impossible to go anywhere without bumping into someone, but two things happened in 2016:

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