Grateful for Love

I turn to writing to process something. Often when I’m having a hard time. It’s my crutch to get through it.

My way to make sense of it. My way to find clarity. My way to find power in truth.

I use my voice to write about how perfectly imperfect life can be. That voice usually shares honest thoughts in my hard moments. What I’m not so vocal about is my easy moments.  Continue reading

Weekly Top 5, Vol. 10 – Officially Down South (again)

Happy Monday! We made the big transition south (more south) over the last week (which is also why there were no posts last week)! After abandoning my morning routine for a few days, as soon as I went back to it, I realized how important it has become to starting my day on the right foot. Despite staying up late to unpack boxes, getting up early was completely worth it to Continue reading

What She Said About Happiness, and By She, I Mean Hoda: The Power of a Gratitude Journal

Good morning! Am I the only one who’s excited that this post on happiness and gratitude is about, or at least inspired by, Hoda Kotb? When Joel McHale first introduced me to her through The Soup, I had no idea that years later I’d be crushing on her.

Before we get to the happiness and gratitude part, if all you know about Hoda is that she sips wine with Kathie Lee on the 4th Hour of the Today Show, let me share some tidbits about why you’d want to sip wine with her too. Continue reading

Where This is Going…

Morning! I believe in the practice of self-awareness of my past and present state to create a better future state. Whatever it is in my life, a year goes by (like it has since I first posted this) and I pause to think about what I could have done differently, what I did well and how I could do it better. Unless this is your first time reading, you know I tend to overthink reflect on things.

I started (my) Rabbit Trails with the belief that:  Continue reading