Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Yourself

No seriously, I do not want to hear them. Do not tell me what they are.

This is not a because I do not care. And this certainly is not a rant. Keep your New Year’s resolution to yourself because I want you to achieve it.

I know, the traditional notion is to write it down and tell a friend because that will keep me accountable. Even better, Continue reading

How Setting Low Goals Keeps Me Running

Saturday morning, as soon as I got out of bed, I put on my running clothes – even my running shoes (Trick #1, more below). I was ready to go!

Except outside it was cloudy and misting rain. It looked chilly. I’ll just have a cup of coffee, then I’ll go – I told myself.

Coffee made. But these little boys. They’re so cute. I’ll go after they finish playing.

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