Sometimes, I Fail

Recently, someone made a comment about an action of mine not aligning with what I say in my blog. And then they added a few other comments. I don’t know if they were trying to be hurtful or not. Regardless, it hurt.

It made me question if I am who I say I am. It made me question if I’m a fraud.

A few days later it was Monday again – time to post another Top 5. I questioned if I should just hang it up. Sunset this little project and go quietly back to my little corner. Continue reading

Christmas List: Gifts of Experiences

“One gift,” my friend proclaimed while waving her left pointer-finger in the air. As our boys ran wild around us and we enjoyed our Friday night, she continued, “We’re doing only one gift this Christmas!”

“Experiences – that’s it!” Another friend exclaimed the following night while we attended our college roommate’s wedding. Even though our children were hundreds of miles away, we kept them close in our conversation. “My parents do the museum membership each year. We try to do experiences.”

Two nights, the same message: enough things – no more things!

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