Weekly Top 5, Vol. 13 – Everything Up

Happy Monday! The picture above makes me smile! Saturday we had a lovely time just watching the horses! “Just”…it also included a long walk carting lots of stuff, sweating through our clothes and a melt-down (later described by the 4 year old as him being “grumpy”) on the way to the car, but still worth it.

Themes, consistency, patterns…they all make me super happy so Continue reading

Weekly Top 5, Vol. 12 – Steady April Showers

I fell asleep listening to the rain and woke up to its sweet rhythm too. It was so beautiful, I could have laid in bed listening to its relaxing pitter patter all morning (or maybe I was just tired from the weekend?) And then all the other sounds started happening: movement in the house, the dog, breakfast (going on 30+ years now of cringing at the sound of someone else eating cereal). Here are the things, besides my coffee, that I am enjoying Continue reading

Weekly Top 5, Vol. 10 – Officially Down South (again)

Happy Monday! We made the big transition south (more south) over the last week (which is also why there were no posts last week)! After abandoning my morning routine for a few days, as soon as I went back to it, I realized how important it has become to starting my day on the right foot. Despite staying up late to unpack boxes, getting up early was completely worth it to Continue reading

Weekly Top 5, Vol. 8 – Not So March Madness

Already mid-way through March! Small changes on these Weekly Top 5 lists. First up: “Weekly Top 5, Vol. 8″…all by itself, it’s too Dewey Decimal System for me. I like the organization it provides, but it needs a little pizzazz. So I’m adding some words to it (don’t worry, I already went back and added words to all the previous posts. Because I like consistency and symmetry like that.) The other small change-up:… Continue reading

Weekly Top 5, Vol. 6 – Marching Through

Another week that saw Charlotte during the week and Louisville on the weekend. We finally had a relaxing weekend that was filled with a visit from family, lots of playing with the boys, a great solo run, a trip to the zoo and some well deserved guy time for my husband. Loving this quiet morning with coffee and the drizzle of rain on our windows. After getting in bed at 8 last night, I’m ready to… Continue reading