What Officer Daniel Kaffe, Lt. Sam Weinberg, and Colonel Nathan R. Jessup Taught Me About Life

In my early teen years, I watched A Few Good Men obsessively (might have had something to do with Tom Cruise and Noah Wyle) to the point that I could recite the lines as I watched (I’m annoying to watch this movie with).

The story line is straight-forward: two Marines accused of murder. They are appointed a young lawyer who has never taken a case to trial. He prepares the case with two other attorneys and gets the Colonel to admit he was behind the Marines’ actions. Trying a case is as simple as that.

That may be the plot, but at the heart of A Few Good Men is Continue reading

Morning Routine: “You Probably Vacuum Before You Come to Work”

I’m fascinated by what people do in the mornings. Fresh off a night’s sleep, it’s our private time before we go tackle the world.

Those pre-dawn hours are the one part of the day that is somewhat sacred: no one calls, no one checks in and no one drops in.

We all have an idea of what people do in the other parts of the day. But the morning – it’s special time. It’s the chance to Continue reading

How to Relocate Your Life: A List for Moving

When moving, everyone has checklist. The realtor has a checklist for what you should do before listing your home. The mortgage company has a checklist for the documents they will need. The moving company has a checklist for how to pack your stuff. But no one has a checklist for how to relocate your life.

Eighteen months ago we were under contract to sell our home in Cincinnati. Our close date was fluid. We weren’t sure if we were moving south or out west. And barely anything was packed. Continue reading

Mamas Need Hugs and Kisses Too

When our first child was born, we received many beautiful and thoughtful baby gifts. One mom sent a gift that stood out: white pajamas adorned with green piping on the edges and cotton fabric decorated with a pattern of green and yellow circles. These beautiful pajamas were not for our sweet little boy, but for this new mama.

In the bliss and blur that accompanies bringing home a new baby, her gift caught my attention. In this space, where I had gone from Continue reading

Sometimes, I Fail

Recently, someone made a comment about an action of mine not aligning with what I say in my blog. And then they added a few other comments. I don’t know if they were trying to be hurtful or not. Regardless, it hurt.

It made me question if I am who I say I am. It made me question if I’m a fraud.

A few days later it was Monday again – time to post another Top 5. I questioned if I should just hang it up. Sunset this little project and go quietly back to my little corner. Continue reading

7 Ways to Celebrate the Kentucky Derby Like a Local

We are a week away from the 143rd running of the greatest two minutes in sports. In Louisville, the Kentucky Derby isn’t just two minutes on the first Saturday in May, but two weeks of festivities leading up to the big event.

The Kentucky Derby Festival kicks off with the largest fireworks show in the country (creatively named Thunder Over Louisville). The next two weeks are dotted with events such as a marathon and minimarathon, a hot air balloon race, a parade, concerts, parties and galas – all setting the stage for the big race.

To the rest of the world, the day before the Derby is a normal Friday. In Kentucky, Continue reading

Half the Country Thinks Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Blake Lively’s Names Should Be Illegal

I recently succumbed to a headline I couldn’t ignore. I clicked through to find this article. You can read the underlying study here or I’ll sum it up for you: 70% of Americans think married women should change their name. And 50% think it should be the law.

The most common reasons cited that a women should take her husband’s name were  Continue reading

“It takes me 12 months to like a picture of myself”

“Can you take a picture of us?” we asked the young unsuspecting gentleman at the table next to us. While I’m generally bad about remembering to snap pictures, this was my last girls night…as a Louisville resident…with two of my oldest friends. It was a capture worthy moment.

“Sure,” he responded with a grin as he pushed back his chair and stood up to walk around to our table.

He had a huge task in front of him: Continue reading