Drying the Worry: Finally Hitting a Milestone Early

With the exception of birth, my oldest child had never been early for a milestone. Some caused concern, even with his doctors. Others seemed small or inconsequential and were easy to brush off. But it was the combination of them all together that seemed big.

With each milestone he achieved later than other kids his age, I couldn’t help but think back to his early birth. I couldn’t help thinking that something happened. Something that couldn’t be detected at the time but was gradually showing itself now. Continue reading

How to Teach Mom to Behave

“GET.  IN.  THE.  CAR.  NOW!” I yelled in frustration and rage. My almost four year old son was backed into the corner of our garage. I was in standing in front of him punctuating each word by waving my arms in the air – breathless from screaming.

In the same moment, I saw the look of fear in my young son’s face. I stepped back. Continue reading

Being Prepared to Catch the Champagne: 5 Simple Life Lessons

I usually only post once a week, but I inadvertently started a tradition of celebrating a family member’s birthday with a post.  In April there was a post about mom’s calling at the worst times. In September, my grandmother’s constant advice, “this too shall pass”, inspired this post on her birthday. Today I want to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. He’s a gifted storyteller. Since I’ve moved back to my hometown, I’ve spent time seeking his stories. Here’s my take on one of his gems. I hope I do it justice…

After high school, I left my hometown for college. I whirled around a few cities and states for law school, my career, marriage and eventually kids. Even though I wanted to come back home, I kept finding something that I deemed more important. That all changed when I had kids. Continue reading