Mamas Need Hugs and Kisses Too

When our first child was born, we received many beautiful and thoughtful baby gifts. One mom sent a gift that stood out: white pajamas adorned with green piping on the edges and cotton fabric decorated with a pattern of green and yellow circles. These beautiful pajamas were not for our sweet little boy, but for this new mama.

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Santa Does Exist

Two weeks ago, I was pushing my cart towards the exit doors at Kroger. With one arm, I fumbled through my purse for my keys. With the other, I slowly steered the cart.  Just as I had my keys in hand and was ready to pick back up my speed, I heard a voice.

“Excuse me, miss,” a man near the door said. Begrudgingly, I looked over. I imagine I was wearing a wonderful shade of Resting B-face. I knew my nap time window was closing and I needed to keep moving to stay on schedule.

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A Divorce in Wedding Season

In May of 2009, I had three weddings in the month of May. After attending the first, it was all I needed to confirm what I did not have and what I needed to do.

A week later, I told my then husband I would not be traveling to the next wedding with him. That I would never be traveling to another wedding with him. That I was leaving him. I started the month as a Mrs. and ended it as a Ms.

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Teaching a Son What a Woman Can Be

We stand less than a week away from the ability to cast a vote for a female candidate in the U.S. presidential election. 96 years after women were given the right to vote. 44 years after Title IX prevented discrimination against women in a federally funded education program.

You may be thinking that dirty word in your head: feminism. You may be thinking you want to stop reading.

Despite the numerous understandings and approaches to feminism, at its core, it is about equality. If feminism is a dirty word, so is equality.

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Motherly Instincts: Guest Post on Total Basset Case

This week’s post is a little different. My beautiful, inside and out, friend, Sarah, just had her first baby. He arrived 10 weeks early.

Today’s post is a guest post on her wonderful blog, Total Basset Case. Hop right on over there to read this week’s post, Motherly Instincts, about my premie and the lesson it taught me about being a mom.

While over there, check out all the fun things she has on her blog: from fashion to design to running tips and stellar recipes. Sarah’s one of those people that by girl standards, you want to hate her. She’s beautiful, smart and talented. But she does being a friend even better – which is why you will love, not hate, her.

How the Phenomenon of Social Observability Works: Spreading Verbal High Fives

“Hurry up!” a voice yelled as I ran across a busy intersection. Panicked, I looked up to see a girlfriend’s wide smile, cheering me on as she drove by. I straightened my shoulders, lengthened my stride and smiled inside.

The quick encouragement made me feel strong. Half a mile later in my run, I was coming down a long hill. I spotted a mom with a jogging stroller at the bottom of the hill about to embark on the steep climb.  BadA$$, I thought to myself.

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Running Away: a Bad Thing? 

Runaway shows up three times in my iTunes library.  Not the same song, but three different songs by three different artists all titled Runaway.  It gave me pause. Yes, I have turned away from some tough times, but I have also hunkered down and pushed through. Surely, I am not a runner.  Surely, there is another explanation for why I have so many songs that share that title.  Set on finding a different explanation for the multiple Runaway songs, I came up with another hypothesis:

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Attempts at Making My Easy Life Easier: 7 Lazy Tricks

Over the years, the desire to find a better way (or pure laziness) has driven ingenuity and fueled creativity.  It has motivated smart and useful inventions. This is not about the items that have served the betterment of humanity.  This is about the small things that keep me from pulling my hair out. The 7 tricks below are small tweaks to my daily, mundane, repetitive tasks… and answers the question: how do I make my life easier?

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Loving a Homosexual: We All Do

I met my best friend when I was 1 year and 361 days old. My best friend is loving, funny, caring, smart, thoughtful, loyal and a great runner. He is taller and much more attractive than me. We have had our differences, but don’t all brothers and sisters?

He has been gay since the first day we met. People wondered, they assumed, they questioned, but I never understood why. It never mattered to us and it should not matter to anyone else. But for some reason, it does, and today, we were all horrifically reminded of that fact.

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