Santa Does Exist

Two weeks ago, I was pushing my cart towards the exit doors at Kroger. With one arm, I fumbled through my purse for my keys. With the other, I slowly steered the cart.  Just as I had my keys in hand and was ready to pick back up my speed, I heard a voice.

“Excuse me, miss,” a man near the door said. Begrudgingly, I looked over. I imagine I was wearing a wonderful shade of Resting B-face. I knew my nap time window was closing and I needed to keep moving to stay on schedule.

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Christmas List: Gifts of Experiences

“One gift,” my friend proclaimed while waving her left pointer-finger in the air. As our boys ran wild around us and we enjoyed our Friday night, she continued, “We’re doing only one gift this Christmas!”

“Experiences – that’s it!” Another friend exclaimed the following night while we attended our college roommate’s wedding. Even though our children were hundreds of miles away, we kept them close in our conversation. “My parents do the museum membership each year. We try to do experiences.”

Two nights, the same message: enough things – no more things!

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All the Plans in the World Can’t Stop Rain

This fall, we had our oldest’s 4th birthday party. We have always been in the camp of small family get-togethers to celebrate birthdays. It was a philosophy passed down from my mother and embraced by my husband who does not think birthdays are a big deal.

But our soon-to-be 4 year old knew birthdays were a big deal. And I wanted him to know his was a big deal too.

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