Why I follow Jessica Alba’s Workout Rules and Break Jillian Michaels’

There are some pros and cons about being a first born rule follower. Con: I can be predictable. Pro: I can set my own rules around things I want / know I need to do and then I have to do them because as a rule follower, I am obligated.

Over the years, I have created a series of rules about working out. Some follow Jessica Alba (i.e. 1 and 5), while some (like #5) contradict Continue reading

Winter Workout Essentials: New Year Workout Routine

When it comes to working out, the seasons have always been constant. After Halloween, the days get noticeably darker. After Thanksgiving, the days get noticeably colder. After New Years, there is no escaping the coldness and the darkness, unless I head inside to the gym.

The outdoors, with its green trees, blue skies and sunshine, is so much sexier than the gym. In the winter, enjoying these outdoor sights becomes elusive with its 14 hours of daily darkness. The winter is also temperamental with snowstorms, wind chills of -5 and ice.

On the other hand, the gym is the good guy your parents want you to marry. Continue reading

Cleaning up my Clean Up Act: Natural Makeup

Blame it on the all-girls high school I attended, but I have never been able to get in the habit of wearing makeup during the day. College. Law school. The Office. Nope.

The only occasions that warranted makeup were: going out with friends, dates, speaking engagements, client meetings – that was about it.

I still feel a little self-conscious when I wear makeup. Yet (I hate to admit this) I feel better when I apply it. Doctors must think there is something to that too. After my first child was born, the North Carolina hospital’s discharge papers directed new mothers to apply makeup to ward off postpartum!

Call it hitting 35 and realizing I could use some help. Or call it moving back to my small hometown where it is impossible to go anywhere without bumping into someone, but two things happened in 2016:

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How Setting Low Goals Keeps Me Running

Saturday morning, as soon as I got out of bed, I put on my running clothes – even my running shoes (Trick #1, more below). I was ready to go!

Except outside it was cloudy and misting rain. It looked chilly. I’ll just have a cup of coffee, then I’ll go – I told myself.

Coffee made. But these little boys. They’re so cute. I’ll go after they finish playing.

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Adaptive Running: New Trails & Stroller Pushing

Running has been the constant in my life since I was 12 years old.  Things change, people change, cities change but the solace, strength and peace that I find in running remains.  Once my first was born, I suddenly had a new constant: the love for my child.  No decision was made without consideration of him.  How to reconcile my two constants?

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Running Playlist: Refresh for Spring

My current work-out / running playlist is starting to become monotonous to me and, as of Monday, I am now running a leg of the Kentucky Derby Festival’s Marathon Relay.  Time to refresh my playlist.  When I made my last playlist, with the goal to get me through the last days of winter, I came across a few songs that did not make the cut.  This playlist is a combination of those runners-up (many of which have grown on me) and songs that helped me prepare for a race last fall (more on that below.)

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Hotel Friendly Strength Workout

I was traveling this week.  When the gym is in the same building, I have no excuses to avoid stumbling downstairs and sweating through something.   Despite hotel gyms’ unbeatable convenience, most have the same fatal flaw.  They are often uninspiring and I’m not always sure what I’m going to get, i.e. a few bikes in a windowless room in the basement and they all squeak – yay!  (This is a real description of a nice enough hotel in Charleston, SC.  Granted it’s a really old hotel.).  So in traveling weeks, I plan my strength workouts for my travel days.

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Bookworm: Pandora’s Lunchbox

In my job, I have been exposed to aspects of the FDA and the pharmaceutical world to which I previously had little to no awareness.  I see how the side effects from pills or complications from devices (allegedly) harm people.  It has always prompted me to wonder: If we are willing to take a small pill, swallow it and expect it to fix our problems – why don’t we look at food the same way? (Disclaimer: this is an oversimplification.  Certain medications are important for certain health conditions).  So when I found Pandora’s Lunchbox and its examination of what is in our food supply, I was more than intrigued.

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Playlist: Winter Training

It’s February.  The newness of winter has worn off.  The promise of spring isn’t yet in sight.  About this time winter seems colder, darker and longer.  All this makes finding the inspiration to bundle up for a run or a workout at the gym a little tougher.  When I am struggling to get myself going, I turn to new music to get me out the door. This endeavor is a multi-day task of scouring iTunes’ Top Songs, genres, playlists and the internet to find the right songs for me…

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