Teaching a Son What a Woman Can Be

We stand less than a week away from the ability to cast a vote for a female candidate in the U.S. presidential election. 96 years after women were given the right to vote. 44 years after Title IX prevented discrimination against women in a federally funded education program.

You may be thinking that dirty word in your head: feminism. You may be thinking you want to stop reading.

Despite the numerous understandings and approaches to feminism, at its core, it is about equality. If feminism is a dirty word, so is equality.

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Motherly Instincts: Guest Post on Total Basset Case

This week’s post is a little different. My beautiful, inside and out, friend, Sarah, just had her first baby. He arrived 10 weeks early.

Today’s post is a guest post on her wonderful blog, Total Basset Case. Hop right on over there to read this week’s post, Motherly Instincts, about my premie and the lesson it taught me about being a mom.

While over there, check out all the fun things she has on her blog: from fashion to design to running tips and stellar recipes. Sarah’s one of those people that by girl standards, you want to hate her. She’s beautiful, smart and talented. But she does being a friend even better – which is why you will love, not hate, her.

This Too Shall Pass: (But While I’m Waiting for it to Pass, I’ll be in my Car Crying)

For as long as I can remember, I operate near the fringe of keeping it all together. Testing my limits to see how much I can handle. I do it to myself. I like it (most of the time). I thrive on it (in some twisted way).

As this summer came to a close, I inadvertently tested myself again. Work travel, personal travel, family in town, etc. I clawed through August into early September.

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Fall Fun: Apple Picking and Baked Apples

September hit and I was in the mood for fall activities. It was too early for pumpkins. Regardless, I wanted to be on a farm and I wanted to bring something home from that farm.

I have been eating an apple every morning for at least the last 13 years. So an apple seemed like a good food to target. Even though some farms are starting the pumpkin season, it is still prime apple picking. In my mind, we’d do apples in September and pumpkins in October. Plan in place, we loaded up the kids and drove to a local farm to pick apples.

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Bourbon Country: 8 Lessons from our Private Tour of Maker’s Mark

We recently had the opportunity to take a private tour of Maker’s Mark. Our tour guide was Bill Samuels, Jr., who ran the business his father started and catapulted it into the global brand it is today.  He is one of the the most understated, humble, exceptionally impressive people around. Minutes into the trip, he had already mentioned his mother and the history of Kentucky multiple times. It was a precursor to what our tour was really about: family, business and history.  Bourbon, really good bourbon, was the sideshow.

These are my 8 lessons from the day (and the only test was to sample the bourbon at the end!)

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Attempts at Making My Easy Life Easier: 7 Lazy Tricks

Over the years, the desire to find a better way (or pure laziness) has driven ingenuity and fueled creativity.  It has motivated smart and useful inventions. This is not about the items that have served the betterment of humanity.  This is about the small things that keep me from pulling my hair out. The 7 tricks below are small tweaks to my daily, mundane, repetitive tasks… and answers the question: how do I make my life easier?

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Summer Cook-out Side Dish: Asian Slaw

July 4th is always a little bittersweet for me.  I love a summer celebration, but it feels like summer’s halftime which means pools, boating and cook-outs won’t last forever. My go to recipe for cook-outs has long been: Those Potatoes (yes, that’s the name of the recipe.)  But for this year’s first barbecue of the season, someone beat me to the potatoes. I had to find an alternative!

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Loving a Homosexual: We All Do

I met my best friend when I was 1 year and 361 days old. My best friend is loving, funny, caring, smart, thoughtful, loyal and a great runner. He is taller and much more attractive than me. We have had our differences, but don’t all brothers and sisters?

He has been gay since the first day we met. People wondered, they assumed, they questioned, but I never understood why. It never mattered to us and it should not matter to anyone else. But for some reason, it does, and today, we were all horrifically reminded of that fact.

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