Bookworm – Contagious: Why Things Catch on

Attending a football game I met two characters. Entrepreneurs we will call them. They pitched their creative (to say the least) concept to me. Humored, I played along. Discussion ensued about the product (a type of clothing), target market (males age 18-35) and revenue projections (Y1 = $11m).

When they learned I was an attorney, I was hired as general counsel (note to current employer: I am not seeking a new job. This entire conversation was in jest.) As we continued discussing their idea (which can’t be disclosed here, but I assure you it would make a great SNL commercial and apparently improve the lives of many male college students), I shared that I had doubled in Political Science and Marketing.

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Bourbon Country: 8 Lessons from our Private Tour of Maker’s Mark

We recently had the opportunity to take a private tour of Maker’s Mark. Our tour guide was Bill Samuels, Jr., who ran the business his father started and catapulted it into the global brand it is today.  He is one of the the most understated, humble, exceptionally impressive people around. Minutes into the trip, he had already mentioned his mother and the history of Kentucky multiple times. It was a precursor to what our tour was really about: family, business and history.  Bourbon, really good bourbon, was the sideshow.

These are my 8 lessons from the day (and the only test was to sample the bourbon at the end!)

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