How to Teach Mom to Behave

“GET.  IN.  THE.  CAR.  NOW!” I yelled in frustration and rage. My almost four year old son was backed into the corner of our garage. I was in standing in front of him punctuating each word by waving my arms in the air – breathless from screaming.

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Bookworm – Contagious: Why Things Catch on

Attending a football game I met two characters. Entrepreneurs we will call them. They pitched their creative (to say the least) concept to me. Humored, I played along. Discussion ensued about the product (a type of clothing), target market (males age 18-35) and revenue projections (Y1 = $11m).

When they learned I was an attorney, I was hired as general counsel (note to current employer: I am not seeking a new job. This entire conversation was in jest.) As we continued discussing their idea (which can’t be disclosed here, but I assure you it would make a great SNL commercial and apparently improve the lives of many male college students), I shared that I had doubled in Political Science and Marketing.

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Bookworm: Why Not Me? (Good Summer Read!)

I sat at my computer trying to conjure up my best Official Book Review voice.  Something worthy of the New York Times or at the very least my second grade book reports.  But it all sounded so unnatural and cliche.  Frustrated, I walked away from my computer and took a cue from Why Not Me’s best feature: the use of one’s own voice.  So here we go – my voice, with a few holdovers from the Official Book Review voice.

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Bookworm: Pandora’s Lunchbox

In my job, I have been exposed to aspects of the FDA and the pharmaceutical world to which I previously had little to no awareness.  I see how the side effects from pills or complications from devices (allegedly) harm people.  It has always prompted me to wonder: If we are willing to take a small pill, swallow it and expect it to fix our problems – why don’t we look at food the same way? (Disclaimer: this is an oversimplification.  Certain medications are important for certain health conditions).  So when I found Pandora’s Lunchbox and its examination of what is in our food supply, I was more than intrigued.

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