Workout Without Leaving the House

It’s starting to get cold out. And it’s dark – a lot of the hours in the day. In these days, going for a run or getting to the gym isn’t always an option.

For those moments, I keep a workout routine handy that can be done without any equipment, is an adjustable length for whatever my schedule can accommodate, kicks my tail and is somewhat enjoyable (I swear intervals make workouts faster.)

So here it is. In case you’re trapped indoors by cold weather, traveling for the Holidays and away from your gym, or have limited time in between Holiday parties, this at home workout has saved me many times when everything else, except my commitment to myself, falls through.


I scribbled this down in my planner months ago. (Yes, I still live and die by a planner.)

Ease Into it…

Warm-up – 5 minutes total, with 1 minute each of the following:

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Grapevine – Fun fact: I just learned that in some regions, this is called Karaoke.
  3. Stairs – You don’t need a full set. Run up and down whatever you have. I’ve used the basement stairs in our old house and the half stairs in our current split level.
  4. Butt-kickers – these are exactly as it sounds
  5. High Knees – I like placing my hands waist level to give myself a target to ensure I’m pushing my legs high enough.


    This routine can be (and has been) done with children present. The goldfish helped entertain the boys.

Onto the fun part…

Work-out – 6 minute set comprised of 1 minute each of the following 5 exercises with a 1 minute break at the end of the set. Repeat as many times as you want / can.

1)      Rotating Squats – squat facing one way and then jump squat / rotate 180 degrees. Tap the ground with your hand with each squat (I make myself do this to keep me honest about how low I’m getting!)

2)      Walking Ladder Push-ups – start standing, bend at the waist, keep your feet in the same spot and walk your arms into a push-up position. Do one push-up, arm walk yourself back to standing. Again walk your arms out to the push-up position, do two push-ups and arm walk back to standing. Repeat this pattern, increasing the numbers of push-ups by one with each round, as much as you can within a minute.

3)      Plank with Alternating Arm and Leg lift (I’m really bad at this one). Begin in plank position, lift and extend your right arm and leg. Return to plank, lift and extend your left arm and leg. Repeat.

4)      Squats with Overhead Thrust – This can be done with or without weights. I don’t have weights at home, so I either use something from around the house that resembles a weight or do it with nothing – effective either way.

5)      Bended Ski Jumps – This is a variation of a ski jump and a bench jump. A Ski Jump is essentially a lateral jump side to side without a pause in-between – just springing yourself back and forth. A bench jump often sends you side to side over a bench. Here, stand in front of a chair or a bench. Bend forwards and place both hands at the end of the bench or on the seat of the chair. Place feet shoulder width apart. Imagine a spot on the floor that you will be jumping over, and send your legs side to side. The goal is to just tap your toes and spring back to the other side. (warning: that’s super hard, but after this exercise is your one minute break!)

6) One Minute Break then back at it.

I love that whether I have 23 minutes (warm-up plus three rounds) or 40 minutes (warm-up plus 5 rounds plus a cool down and abs) this gets my heart rate up, sweat pouring, and breathing loud all without leaving my home!



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