Weekly Top 5, Vol. 34 – Pumpkin Basic

Hi Again, I’ve been a little inconsistent here lately. In last week’s post, I told a story about Day 11 of my husband being in Florida helping with hurricane clean-up. That was just Day 11. In total, it was nearly 40 days, which meant this blog saw little attention.

That turned out to be a good thing. It forced me to take a break from this blog. I love this blog. I love writing. I love sharing. I love the feedback and support. But breaks and rest can be good.

Almost a year ago, I set out to post weekly. In January, I doubled that, by adding a Weekly Top 5 in addition to my weekly post.

Like the jumpstart of a weight loss program, that schedule was necessary to get me through some insecurities and fears; to learn, grow and see real change.

With the heavy lifting behind me, now that I know I have built the foundation and the habit to do it, I can slow the pace to something more leisurely.

I love doing the Weekly Top 5, but will not do it as frequently so I can spend some time focused on some pet projects. This will likely become a Monthly Top 5 (and watch out for December because I plan to do a best of from the year’s Top 5s.)

So for now, here are the things making happy this October!

  1. Good for Windows Down…Ok, most songs I like are good for the windows down, but Washed Out’s Hard to Say Goodbye feels especially right for the October skies and crisp sunny fall days. Perfectly chill.
  2. Dermaplaning…that’s another way to describe ladies shaving their faces. It’s touted as anti-aging, but I’m just as happy about how it brightens my skin. After seeing Beautycounter by Jennifer’s demo, I Primed Tinkle to my house ASAP. Love this and so easy to do.
  3. Yummy…I might have given up dairy and eggs, but I still need pumpkins muffins each fall. These Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins saved the day and were so easy that my kids helped make (and eat) them! 

  4. Female Midlife Crisis?…As I approach this stage, I’m kind of fascinated by this topic right now.
  5. When Hardships are Opportunities…40 days of solo parenting may have actually been a major blessing…“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” — Eckhart Tolle

Hope you are enjoying this last full week of October!



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