Weekly Top 5, Vol. 33 – Last Week of Summer

Ok, it’s not the last week of summer, but it was when I wrote most of this.

I’m a little late on this Top 5 (like three Mondays and a few hours). I missed the first Monday after a Sunday night trip to the emergency room (everyone’s fine, the youngest left with two stitches in his tongue). Then I missed the next 2 Mondays due to life. Now I’m just pulling the Band-Aid off to get back on track and so happy to be back! Here are the things making me happy…

  1. What I’ve Been Doing for the Last Month…The National’s new album, Sleep Well Beast, is out and I have been happily moody and melancholy ever since. The strings, drums, Matt Berninger’s baritone voice. The whole album is so good. If forced to pick a favorite, it would be Nobody Else Will Be There, the first track on the album, but don’t stop there.
  2. Comfortably Making me Taller…After crushing on my friend, Sarah’s, shoes, I stumbled across Tom’s knock-off suede beige lace-up wedge booties at Target. They passed the mom comfort test: dropped my oldest at a birthday party, grabbed a latte and read while I waited, swung by the bookstore on the way home, walked to and from a neighborhood get together, was comfortable the whole time and I felt a little sassy. Approved.
  3. Not this Week… This space normally has a somewhat nutrious meal. There is nothing nutritious about this week’s recipe and it definitely breaks my rules but I swear it nourishes the soul (a little dramatic? fair). My son wanted a firetruck cake for his birthday. All the firetruck cakes we viewed were over the top and too perfect. I like it a little folksy and real. So we decided to make it at home and make it a family affair. My husband ordered a firetruck cake pan off Amazon. The boys made the cake (which they were so proud of) before they went to bed. After it cooled my husband decorated it (which I am so proud of). The boys were so excited when they saw the finished product! Making birthday cakes seems to be becoming a tradition in our house that I am loving. All you need: cake pan, box mix (I told you it doesn’t follow my normal rules) and icing. Be sure to coat the cake pan well with non-sticking. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come out of the pan perfectly, a thick coat of icing fixes everything.FiretruckCake
  4. Think Twice…I’ve known about B12 since we started this plant-based adventure, but I’ve been lazy about taking it. This article has scared me straight into taking it everyday.
  5. Do Something (or Don’t)…I found this and love how perfectly it sums up the most important part about changing. The only thing it leaves out is the pondering before reaching that decision, the nervous excitement when starting and then the trial and error with some changes. “I just woke up one day and decided I didn’t want to feel like that anymore, so I changed.” — Unknown Author


    I just love this trip from our NYC trip. Each day we had to go back so he could climb the rocks in Central Park. Keep climbing, my sweet boy.

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall!



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