“The Floating Koozies are Invading My Cabinets!” 5 Produce Rubber Band Organization Hacks

The thing about Scary Mommy – they make up the title. My title for the piece was Everything in It’s Right Place (yes, a little nod to Radiohead). Their title was: Being a Clean Freak Was Zapping My Joy,

They got one thing wrong. I’m not a Clean Freak, I’m a Neat Freak.

Is there a difference? Absolutely. I care more about things being organized and in their place than I care about things being germ free.

In my kitchen especially – it becomes about sanity and functionality. I’ve bought bins and drawers dividers to keep things in their place, but that doesn’t cover it all.

I started collecting produce rubber bands. You know, the rubber bands wrapped around the base of broccoli or asparagus. They seemed so hardy, I felt wasteful throwing them away.

As they piled up, I started turning to them to clean up my kitchen cabinets and un-clutter the drawers. Here are 5 ways they have cleaned up my kitchen: from koozie cuddlers to cord tamers.

Koozie Cuddler

Koozies seem to multiply likes rabbits. I don’t even know where they come from, yet there they are spilling out of my cabinets every time I open them. Two years ago, I finally started cleaning them up. For those that I couldn’t toss. I wrapped a produce rubberband around them. Now we can easily snag one on our way to the pool without them spilling out of the cabinet like a Koozie monster.

Cords Corralled

If Koozies are the endlessly multiplying kitchen rabbit monster. Cords are the snakes. They slither in drawers while they are closed, tangle around other items and when I go to snag the item the cord snake makes a mess. Solution: wrap them into a circle and pop a rubber band around them. Cords

Kitchen Staples Controller

I love when I purchase nuts and they already have a resealable bag. Problem is: I always manage to break the resealable bag. Solution: roll the bag up and place a rubber band around it. This not only keeps the item fresh, but makes it easier to store without spilling.KitchenBags

Utensil Tamer

I’m not talking about forks and knives that can be neatly placed into a drawer organizer. I’m talking about spatulas and serving utensils that barely fit into even the oversized drawer organizer. I sort the utensils and wrap a band around them. This makes it easy to spot my utensils when I open the drawer and easy to grab what I need.Utensils


Small Kitchen Appliance Manager

This shouldn’t be a surprise, but items on the kitchen counter drive me crazy. In a perfect world, there would be absolutely nothing on my counter. But it’s not practical to store the coffee maker every night and no one can hear the Sonos if it’s tucked away in the cabinet.

Since these items must be on our counter, at the very least, I can control the cords. I wrap them up and place a rubber band around them. This keeps the cords where they are supposed to be and visually keeps me happy as I don’t have to stare at any flyaway cords.

In our small kitchen, these silly simple hacks have been essential to maximizing space and my sanity.



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