Weekly Top 5, Vol. 31 – Labor Day

I have to admit something, I phoned it in last week. We had just come off vacation and then had family in town. Sunday night and Monday morning came around, I rattled off some list to get something posted.

Don’t get me wrong, I love those Crispy chickpeas, that quote about judgment and I am glad to know I’m not the only generation bubble baby who feels like I don’t belong to the Millennial or the Generation Xer’s. But I just didn’t have the same Oprah-level you’re-getting-a-car excitement that I normally do.

This weeks it’s back! Everything on here is making me so happy! So here it is:

  1. Fall’s Coming…We had a few days last week that reminded us how quickly the seasons change, with cool mornings and nights. In those few days, I rediscovered The Neighbourhood’s Sweater Weather and have been loving it. Windows down, singing along loving it.
  2. Just a Little Something…I have this rule where I don’t drink during the week. But some nights I want something more exciting than water with lemon. Desserts and most snacks have been ruled out. So I’ve been turning to Kombucha. Yummy taste, a little carbonation, without added sugars. My favorite is GT’s Gingerade. We buy ours in a 6-pack from Costco which knocks the price down.
  3. 6 Easy Ingredients…I had high hopes of trying out some grand new recipe this week. But have you ever opened a recipe and there are nearly 15 ingredients and 3 of them must be peeled and diced!? Not going to work after all day in the office and cute kids running around. One of the hardest things about switching to plant-based is the inability to throw chicken in the oven and roast some veggies on the stove. Then I thought, why not? So this week, I tried it.  I combined tofu, asparagus, and onions in a skillet. Sautéed over high heat with olive oil, salt and pepper. Stirred occasionally. Served over rice.  This can be done with any combination of veggies. I prefer the asparagus because it has minimal prep. It was sooo easy, sooo quick and sooo good!
  4. Experiences not Things…With last week’s powerball, did anyone have the What would you do with all that money conversation? (or have you ever had it in general?) We definitely have. Sure, we’d buy a new car (the trunk space on a Tahoe can make a trip to the grocery challenging. Doable, but challenging.) But after that we often find ourselves saying experiences (I also wrote about it last Christmas). This article says that line of thought is on to something. But it’s not just about experiences, it’s also about buying time.
  5. Speaking of Time…I’m trying to be more intentional with how I use mine. The key word there is trying, so I love this reminder and way to think about it. “Most of anyone’s life is a preoccupation with urgent inessentials. If we divide our affairs into what matters for a day or a season or the rest of our lives, it is the long-term fundamentals we give least time to, and put off till tomorrow’s tomorrow. We are more concerned with the pressing than the important, and the essentials are easily crowded out by the mere day-to-day business of living.” Nan Fairbrother, The House in the Country

That’s it! I hope you enjoy this Labor Day!



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