BLUNTmoms – Younger Girls: The Bane of All Women’s Existence

A few weeks ago, around 9pm, I yelled so loud I woke the children, my husband, and scared our dog into a tailspin. My husband frantically ran downstairs to make sure I was alright. My kids ran after him asking, “why are you laughing? Or are you crying? What’s wrong mommy?”

Nothing was wrong. Instead, it was really really good. (Funny that my reaction for bad and good is almost the same.) I was yelling because I found out BLUNTmoms was going to run a piece of mine!!

I love this piece. It’s a little sassier than how I normally write which was fun.

I still can’t believe in the same week, my writing was featured on Scary Mommy and now BLUNTmoms. What a crazy good week!

Go check out my piece on BLUNTmoms. I really hope you have fun with it! If you do, like it on BLUNTmoms’ Facebook page and share it!

If you’re new, and wondering what this all about, check out this post from Sunday that lists some of my most viewed posts.

I’ll be quiet again until next Week’s Top 5. I’m sure that will make my sweet husband happy since all of this happened while we were on our vacation. So instead of relaxed, carefree vacation wife (I mean, would that ever be me anyway?), he got blog and computer obsessed wife in the early morning and late night hours.


LVC (who still doesn’t know what to do with all this excitement except to repeat: oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gawd!)

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