Published on Scary Mommy!

I have known this is coming. I have been excited out of my mind that this is coming. Drinking champagne everyday celebrating that this is coming. Yet, I’m still shaking with excitement to actually see it!

“This” being my writing featured on SCARY MOMMY!!! (Wait, did I really just say that!?!)

I know, a Sunday post isn’t normal for me, but clearly, I had to post this (there’s the link again 🙂 I mean seriously, do you remember when I talked about being rejected?)

Thank you so much for everyone’s support. That’s not a: to be polite I should write that sentence comment. That is a beyond sincere, my husband can attest to it, comment. Your feedback and support kept me writing when I was scared or didn’t think anyone cared or self-doubt kept coming back to my house.

For those finding themselves here for the first time and aren’t quite sure what to make of this, my writing covers all the aspects of my life: mama, wife, attorney, runner, etc.

If you’re are interested in reading more (which would make you awesome – thank you!), I went back through my old posts and found those that had the most views and reactions. Here they are:

Life – The Good and The Honest




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LVC (who is still really, really excited about this and may or may not have champagne for breakfast.)

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