Weekly Top 5, Vol. 27 – Still Summer, For Now

Happy Monday! I can’t believe it’s already here again. We’re a week into August. School is sending the forms we need to fill-out for this year. Pre-seaon football starts this week…fall is waiting in the wings. As much I love fall, I’m not ready for summer to end!

Besides normal summer stuff like bike rides, splash pads and sundresses (did all three this weekend. I need to remember to wear the last one more!), here are the other things making me happy this week.

  1. Remember Unplugged…That was my favorite. I have almost always preferred a stripped down version of songs. This week I heard an acoustic version of X Ambassadors’ Renegade and brought it back into my rotation. Side note: until writing this, I had never seen the official video with its powerful message.
  2. Spanish Lady…I found an organic red wine that has body but is still light enough to drink in the summer heat. And it’s priced reasonably enough that I don’t get upset when even with the vacuum, the bottle turns before I finish it. Is this what happens from aging? My younger self is either laughing at me or is glad to see the growth.


    Enjoying a glass outside.

  3. Best Brussels Ever…I tried the Brussels recipe I mentioned in last week’s Top 5. O.M.G. So easy and so good. My changes: I didn’t use the bacon. The recipe suggests using nuts if not using bacon. This is to counter-balance the sweetness from the maple syrup. Instead of using the nuts, I served it with cauliflower cooked with olive oil and Maldon Sea Salt Flakes over high heat which gave it a smoked savory flavor to off-set the sweetness.

    Date Brussels

    When the recipe is so yummy, you forget to take “before” pictures.

  4. Male FriendshipsTHIS! Yes, it’s a 16 minute read, but if you have a brother, a son, a husband, a dad (you see where I’m going), set aside time this week to read it. As a mom of three young boys who has witnessed the genuine love they have for their friends and how they innocently express it, a wife who has witnessed my husband re-energized by the time spent with his closest male friends and a sister to a gay brother…this resonates times three.
  5. Choosing the Sunshine…I spent several hours yesterday afternoon at a local park with my oldest son. Near the end of our adventure, I noticed we kept bumping into the same man. I tried to tell myself it was a coincidence until I noticed him taking pictures of us. I don’t know if his target was my young son or me. Either way, it rocked me (yes, I got pictures of him and called the police). When we got home, I dove into dinner to distract myself, but spent the rest of the night disturbed by the event. As we were getting into bed, I told my husband that I was mad at myself for letting that one person overshadow the beautiful day we had and all the wonderful people we met who said encouraging words to my little rider – all because I was focused on the negative instead of all the positive. “No effort is required to define or even attain happiness, but enormous concentration is needed to abandon everything else.”— Quentin Crisp, The Naked Civil Servant

That’s it for this week. Hope you have a good one.



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