Weekly Top 5, Vol. 26 – Pretty Little Flowers

Good morning! Have you ever heard you’re not supposed to bring flowers as a hostess gift and if you simply must, then the least you can do is bring them in a vase?

Of all of the etiquette rules, this one is near the top of my most ridiculous rules list. I’m well aware of the “reasoning” behind this rule. If one is troubled by finding a vase while others are arriving at her house, my guess is there are others things in life said one is also having trouble enjoying.

But I digress, look at these beauties a friend brought over on Friday night! They lit up my house all weekend and made me think of our sweet friends every time I saw them. Even my husband commented on how pretty they were as they were opening. So of course I had to share them. How could anyone ever be upset about these?


Besides these gorgeous flowers and the beautiful weather we are having, here at the other things bringing a smile to my face.

  1. Better than the Real Thing…I realize with some folks, it’s pretty dangerous to say that I enjoy a remake of a Springsteen song more than the original, but that’s where I am with AWOLNATION’s cover of I’m on Fire. The recorded version on iTunes is cleaner than this YouTube version. If you like a little electronic dropped in check out the Robotaki Remix version on iTunes. Something about that version is giving me The Postal Service vibes.
  2. Dressed for Anything…They say necessity is the mother of invention. What happens when a mom has a need? She invents the best dress ever. I seriously need one of these! Cute dress, with stripes (heart) and pockets that I could wear to work, with the kids or just because. It’s that darn cute.
  3. Falling for Falafel…Thanks to Yafo’s proximity to my office, I have been eating a lot of falafel lately. So much, I decided I needed to figure out how to make it on my own. This recipe did not disappoint. (Note: I do not have a cookie scoop. Instead I used the coffee scoop that came with my espresso maker. A normal spoon would also get the job done.) It was so good and so easy! Now if I could just figure out how to duplicate their Brussel Sprouts with dates! I’m thinking this recipe minus the bacon might be next.
  4. That’s Awesome!…I say this to my kids all the time. Recently, I heard myself say it like 10 times and realized I needed to add to my repertoire. And like that Facebook read my mind and put this article in my feed.
  5. On the To Do List…After last Friday’s post, this quote seemed appropriate: May you always do what you are afraid to do. — Ralph Waldo Emerson



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4 thoughts on “Weekly Top 5, Vol. 26 – Pretty Little Flowers

  1. Kelley says:

    You are the sweetest!! I can’t wait for you to get your dress! I can’t imagine liking a cover of a Springsteen song better than the real thing but I’m heading straight to YouTube to hear that! And I love yafo too! I’m not sure I’m brave enough to try your recipe yet, but maybe one of these weekends!


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