Weekly Top 5, Vol. 25 – Tea Monster

Morning, y’all Hope you had a great weekend. Yes! That green latte was one of my latte’s this week. More on it below and the other things making me happy.

  1. He’s Right…In Fitz and the Tantrums’ HandClap, he claims: I can make your hands clap. He’s absolutely right. This song not only makes my hands clap, but my kids dance (even in the car!) which in turn makes me smile. Great song for: kid dance parties, running and getting stares at stoplights.
  2. Hot and Green…I finally tried a Matcha Latte. It’s not that I was scared to try this hot green liquid, it’s more that I so love my favorite treat (soy latte) that I couldn’t not order my go to. Maybe it’s the heat, but soy latte’s have been losing their luster these days. So I finally ordered a matcha (with soy) latte. It was so good that I had to turn to google to know exactly what I was drinking. Matcha is a powder made from finely ground tea leaves. The plant is grown in shade which is supposed to help with caffeine and theanine. We all know what caffeine is there for. Theanine is believed to have a calming effect. So if that means Matcha gives you calm energy, I’m all in.
  3. Tea Time…Apparently it was a week of tea for me. After starting the week with Matcha Latte from my favorite bakery / cafe, I ended it with Kombucha from Lenny Boy. This nonalcoholic carbonated beverage with low sugar and low calories was super refreshing in the heat. I went with the Lost Rose which beyond yummy. A friend buys these by the growler for the week and swears by its probiotic properties. I might have to follow suit.
  4. Some People are Really Good at LifeRBG has been living really well. At 83 years old, still on the Supreme Court, ivy-educated, mom of 2 and married for 56 years, I will gladly listen to any advice she has to share.
  5. Send Love to Forget…Forgiveness is on my mind after I mixed up the dates for a good friend’s baby shower. I realized the mistake when my husband noticed pictures on social media and commented that he was surprised I wasn’t invited. My eyes got wide and my son started asking: “why is mommy saying, ‘oh my god, oh my god’? What happened?” This great friend happens to also be a great person who immediately covered reasons one and two in the following. I could follow her lead. You practice forgiveness for two reasons: to let others know that you no longer wish to be in a state of hostility with them and to free yourself from the self-defeating energy of resentment. Send love in some form to those you feel have wronged you and notice how much better you feel.” — Wayne Dyer

That’s it. Hope you have a great week (last week of July!?)!



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