Weekly Top 5, Vol. 22 – Fireworks

Happy Monday on a Holiday weekend, y’all! We’ve already had a wonderful weekend with pool time (laps and for fun!), fireworks and a day date (stopped by Michael’s to get supplies for the boys to decorate their bikes for the July 4th parade, hit up Booty Loop for a quick – literally my husband is fast – run and grabbed lunch to-go from Dean and Deluca, which means it was basically my version of the Bachelor Franchise’s Fantasy Suite)!

I could go back to work tomorrow happy, but instead, we have two more days of fun. Hope you have a cup of hot coffee, here are the things making me happy…

  1. A Song Worth Publicly Shushing Someone…Simon and Garfunkel’s America became my July 4th Holiday weekend anthem after Charlotte Symphony’s Summer Pops played it during their fireworks show. It’s so good that the woman in front of us shushed my husband so she could hear it over the fireworks.
  2. Safe Sunscreen…I hate sunscreen so much, that I was actually happy to hear that some sunscreens may be unsafe. The news about some being harmful made me less guilty about all the times I skipped it. But the news was still clear: completely passing on sunscreen isn’t an option. Then I found this. It’s more expensive than I care to pay, but worth every penny. Safe. Doesn’t feel thick or sticky. I love the dispenser (anyone else remember Skin So Soft?) and it works. Heart it.
  3. Easy Dessert…throwback to the recipe that came to my rescue last July 4th when I needed an easy summer dessert for the neighborhood firework show.


    Yummy Kentucky S’Mores

  4. Change is Good…My best friend is in the final month of her first pregnancy. She confided in me that the ominous your-life-is-going-to-change – the most popular response to the phrase “we’re pregnant” – was starting to take its toll on she and her husband. Then she found this article which gives a voice to the parenting-does-change-your-life-but-in-a-good-way camp. Two gems from the piece:
    • “My time is sparse in a way it wasn’t before. No getting around that. But that’s actually a big blessing, because it means I use it more wisely. I don’t waste time doing anything that doesn’t enrich me, including the company I keep, the activities I engage in, the conversations I have, the work that I do.”
    • “If anything, I’m more myself, because I don’t really have time to carry around anything that isn’t genuine.”
  5. …It’s Up to Us to Change…Coming off that article, this quote and the personal responsibility it implies seems fitting (I always need a reminder that I control what happens to me or at the vey least, how I react). If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.  Jim Rohn

That’s it – hope you have a great 4th!

Last Monday I suggested I might skip a post and then I didn’t. So maybe I will this week. If I do – see you next Monday.



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