Cleaning up My Clean Up Act 2: More Natural Makeup Finds

Every two months I map out a list of posts and ideas. It helps keep me focused. But in a particular week, if something strikes my fancy, I go with it – not the schedule. Normally, this happens a few times in the two month period. This month it’s happened like every time.

So what beat the calendar today: makeup! If you read this, then you know that as I aged into my mid-thirties I decided to start wearing makeup nearly daily – not just on Friday nights. For all those years I impatiently waited for a friend to dab on some makeup before we stepped out the door: I apologize. Now I know there’s something to it.

Heck, even male tv personalities have admitted to leaving their TV face on after a show because they like how they look.  Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money, has a great theory about Ulta’s 214% increase over 3 years.

So whether I started wearing it because I’m getting older or I always want to be camera ready (check my Insta feed – I don’t think it’s this one), I’m having a lot of fun with it these days. Here are some faves:


Shea Moisture’s Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder I fell for this one when I tried it on in the store. But when my best friend paused from drinking her coffee to say, that’s a great powder, I knew it must be good because: 1) she only gives deserved, not gratuitous, compliments (thank you!) and 2) she knows her stuff when it comes to make-up. This powder has now become my go to for a quick routine when I want to look polished (i.e. perfect for the office). And for application, I love the simplicity of a good pressed power.

Pacifica’s Alight Multi-Mineral BB Cream I’m loving this for glowing summer skin with super light coverage just to slightly even things out.


BeautyCounter’s Color Shade Eye Duo in Shell / Malt is my new love. I wear shell alone when I want something natural and add Malt in my crease when I want a little more.

An Eyelash curler. I mentioned this in this week’s top 5. It does such a great job brightening my eye that it’s worth mentioning again.

As much as I double heart this mascara (I wrote about it in this Weekly Top 5), I can’t say the same about their Ultra Curl and Define mascara. I keep trying to just throw it away, but I hate wasting things. To save you the trouble and the money, I think it’s just as important to note the things that don’t work. Buy Shea Moisture’s Volumizing mascara, not their Curl and Define.


Lipstick. What?! I can’t believe I am wearing this one either. Before two weeks ago, I could have counted on one hand the times in my life I’ve worn lipstick: my first wedding, my second wedding, my best friend’s wedding.

But a book touted its powers as a trick to feeling pulled together despite the chaos of mom life. I decided to make myself wear it for a week no matter how unnatural it felt. Two weeks later and I’m addicted. It makes me feel sassy and grown up.

So far I’ve been sporting this for the office and this for a little fun. The Nectar definitely goes on pinker than it looks, which has pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I wore it on this week’s date night and my husband told me he loves it.

Lipstick Coffee

Still can’t believe this is actually my coffee cup!

Those are my newest finds! Any great natural makeup products you’ve found and are loving? If so, share in the comments below!

Have a great weekend!



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5 thoughts on “Cleaning up My Clean Up Act 2: More Natural Makeup Finds

  1. Mehrin Kehoe says:

    That powder is GREAT and so is the lipstick! I’m glad you’ve stuck with it-although, truth be told, you’re beautiful without it all!!


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