Weekly Top 5, Vol. 19 – June Love

Morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for a new week. I had a weekend full of love. From witnessing friends exhibiting their love for each other by celebrating a coming baby to watching a family of 7, all in matching Make a Wish T-shirts, board a flight Turks and Caicos bound. The love the mama and dada and siblings had for each other through their actions made me  happy in a way that beats anything on this list. Here are the other things making me smile:

  1. Music Therapy…I was back on a plane this weekend after a two month break. When flying, music is my equivalent of Linus’ blanket. You know, my coping mechanism to distract me from those needless intruding thoughts that I may never see my kids again. I have several go-to songs for comfort. One is Beach House’s Myth. The dreamy cords mimic the opening words…drifting in and out. And that’s exactly  what I have to do until the plane gets off the ground: mentally drift into a happy place. The floating cords and airy vocals take me somewhere else.
  2. Top It Off…Have you ever been traveling for work and actually packed light? Like only exactly what you need light and then spill coffee (not just a drop but like a big gulp) down the entire front of your shirt? And then smell like coffee the rest of the morning? No, ok, me neither. But if this were to happen, at lunch I would go to the nearest store for a replacement shirt. This is how I found my favorite go-to catch all shirt. So in love that I’m on my second (I had to replace the first one after I stained it with make-up – see a theme here?) It’s almost season-less. It works with jeans, leggings and pants. It’s forgiving. Is easily dressed up with a statement necklace  and boots, booties, wedges or (last resort) heels. Pairs well with a blazer or a cardy. And also perfect for flights where I want to be comfortable but still look pulled together.
  3. Airline Delicacies…Umm, did anyone else know that those Biscoff cookies are vegan and preservative free? Listen, I normally decline the cookies because of my whole no sweets thing, but you know how secondhand smoke can effect people? If alcohol had the same effect, I would have been secondhand intoxicated based on the two men on either side of me. Cookies = coping.Biscoff
  4. Twofer…I love two for ones. Exercise can make me stronger and smarter?! This is great news.
  5. Talk Less, Smile More…On that note: The quieter you become, the more you can hear. – Ram Doss

That’s it! I hope you have a great week.



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