Weekly Top 5, Vol. 17 – Memorial Day!

Morning, y’all! We are having an amazing weekend outside in the sun. And it’s not over – we still have today! Here’s this week’s Top 5 (which took an extra hour to post because  I kept walking back to the kitchen for more watermelon with my coffee)!

  1. Summer Vibes…Kaleo’s All the Pretty Girls has me feeling all lazy summer swaying.
  2. Girls Don’t Sweat, They Glisten…If that’s true then there’s a lot of glistening going on over here. And natural deodorant has not been helping the situation. Thanks to a co-worker’s recommendation, I may have finally found a natural deodorant that works. This is great news for folks stuck next to me on airplanes.  Yes, the name is terrible, but I promise that’s the only bad thing about it. It has survived runs, chasing my children and bike riding all in the Charlotte heat. I grabbed mine at Whole Foods. If you purchase from the website there are more scent options.
  3. Hold the Bacon…Last week, I mentioned I’d be making this yummy summer salad for a barbecue. I also suggested that some might like bacon with it. Great idea, except I don’t eat bacon. So I found the next best thing: coconut bacon. I used this recipe. I did not have any liquid smoke, but it still turned out really delicious. I stored it in the freezer and have used it to dress up several other meals this weekend.
  4. Love My Body…With summer days and lots of pooltime on the horizon, I need this reminder.
  5. Honoring Memorial Day…While I’ve been talking about how much I love Memorial Day and the start of summer, I am cognizant of why we have this holiday (Friday night we were fortunate enough to celebrate with someone who has been there and back). My daily email from Simple Reminders replaced its normal opening with these sentiments: If you have a political axe to grind, today is the day to set it down. Don’t confuse politics, with considering the profound loss of human life. It’s not about how great the nation is; it is about what those souls lost. It doesn’t matter if they were valiant volunteers, or reluctant and draft coerced. It isn’t about bravery either — in those circumstances, shuddering in fear is just as honorable.
    It’s about what you have today, which those who served and sacrificed, would never have again — life. So think about it a little today; somewhere in-between the flag-waving, sports, beer, and barbecues — take a moment, to imagine how many real people, just like you, would never again experience such joyful times. So enjoy it for them. Have a great meal and good-times with those you love. Laugh a little louder, for them. Hug a little longer, and love a little deeper, for them. Live life twice as richly, for someone, who never came home. Think about them a little today, and somewhere in-between all of the distractions, offer-up one serious and sacred moment — to remember.—Bryant McGill.

Enjoy the rest of the day!



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