Weekly Top 5, Vol. 15 – Watching the Moon

Happy Monday! My highlight from last week came Wednesday night. It was bedtime and my oldest son asked if he could see the moon before bed. There are certain requests, whether or not they are stall tactics, that I believe in honoring. Looking at the moon on a full moon night is one of them. We went outside until  we found a spot where the moon poked out between the trees. And then we just watched it. I’ve always loved finding the moon and watching the stars, but there is something renewed about watching it with a child. Most of the things on this week’s list are also renewed loves…here they are:

  1. Is this Song Really 20 Years Old?!DJ Robert Miles passed away last week. His name is familiar from the late 90’s for this song, Children. I had long forgotten about this song, but just added it back to my running playlist. It has a beat to sustain a decent pace without anyone yelling (sorry, but some pop / hip-hop songs are just too much for this old lady) at me in the pre-dawn hours. The Dream remix version is over 7 minutes. The perfect amount of time to get lost in the song and when it ends – mile done!
  2. Sock It To Me…I used to swear by Costco’s KP brand low rise socks. I finally found a sock that let my entire beautiful ankle joint shine. Then Adidas started making and selling one at Costco. I’m in love. They retain their shape better then my former loves, they come in cute patterns and most importantly: they stay put.
  3. Spoon Fed Fudge…I swore off treats over a year ago (this was my third try jumping on the minimal sugar wagon and the one that finally stuck!). When I found this dairy-free, no sugar (it does use honey or another sweetener of choice), sometimes vegan, always plant-based fudge, I practically sprinted to the store to buy the cocoa powder it requires. In one week, I made two batches. My 4 year old (he has the same sweet tooth issue I have), woke up asking if he can have the healthy fudge. The chocolate fudge version recommends using coconut butter or sunbutter. I used peanut butter because I wanted a peanut butter chocolate flavor. It was a good choice. The primary taste was still chocolate with a hint of peanut butter goodness. In my first batch, I only used half a banana, scared it would dominate the flavor. It didn’t. So in batch number 2, I used a banana and a half. It still didn’t dominate. Instead, it just sweetened things. Don’t overdue the Coconut oil!Fudge Ingredients
  4. Boy Mamas…This article about boy moms had me practically in tears at #1 and then a different kind of tears at #4 & #5.
  5. Making Good Choices…I have been obsessed with this quote since I found it scrawled my gym’s whiteboard last year: Discipline is choosing what you want most over what you want now. Augusta F. Kantra

Happy Monday!



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