Weekly Top 5, Vol. 14 – Monday Mornings

Happy Monday Morning! We had a full weekend and I kind of slid into this morning the way Kramer slid into a room, but I’m so happy to be up and at another week. Mondays feel like a fresh start. Another opportunity to tackle it all. Enjoy this week’s list…#4 is a little longer than usual, but those words poured out of me and it felt too important to edit down.

  1. Still Listening to This One…Some mornings, when I run, my ears (and the rest of my body) are still waking up. In those moments, I’m not ready for my normal Run Faster playlists (no wonder I’m tired of my running music, my last playlist was from a year ago!) This Saturday AM, I eased into it with 1975’s Somebody Else (warning the YouTube Video has this long intro, the song starts at 3:00 minutes). This song somehow feels like a warm blanket.
  2. Just a Little Bubbly…Has anyone else seen these cute little bottles? Every now and then I like a bit of bubbles, but it always means we waste an entire bottle of sparkling wine (I rarely drink true champagne. It’s normally Prosecco or Cava). This size is a perfect reason to celebrate.
  3. Cooking 101…Despite all the cooking I do and the many recipes I have tried, prior to this weekend, I had never made guacamole. It was like this weird inverse relationship. The longer I went without making it, the more intimidated I was by this special creation. This weekend, I braved this ridiculously simple and delicious recipe (then proceeded to hover around the bowl and let no one else near it). This is the recipe I used. Modifications: I added a tablespoon of cilantro (because I had extra in the fridge from another recipe). Next time I would use half an onion instead of a whole one.
  4. Children’s Hospitals…I’ve had healthy babies and unhealthy babies. My first blog post was about the 4 weeks our first child spent in the NICU. When we left, we both knew that we were lucky. We had health insurance. We had employers (and co-workers) that were empathetic to our situation and provided flexibility as we worked through extremely scary moments. We saw families that weren’t as fortunate as us. They either lived far away and were staying at the Ronald McDonald House, or between their jobs and their other children, they could only make it every few nights. These were families that didn’t share the resources we did, but they did share that inexplicable immediate love that happens in the first nano second of holding your child. We committed to do something to help (which is why I supported this organization in Cincinnati). I know I promise for this Weekly Top 5 to be happy. I realize talking about this could be viewed as a departure from that. But here’s what there is to be happy about: we have access to some of the best medical care in the world and every newborn child gets it. I read an article about Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional monologue about his newborn son’s heart and thought reading the article was enough. Then my husband encouraged me to actually watch it. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should consider it too. There are many organizations, local children’s hospitalsCincinnati Children’s (leading research to help all of us) or the Ronald McDonald Houses, and not to mention the amazing nurses and doctors and staff, that comprise the network that supports families in these unimaginable moments.
  5. Grown Men Don’t Cry…In honor of Jimmy Kimmel standing on a stage, in front of a camera and revealing the hardest events of his life: “Telling our stories doesn’t make us weak. It renders us brave.”  Megan Okkerse.

Have a great day!



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