Weekly Top 5, Vol. 11 – Spring Break Loves

Happy mid-April! Spring is in full effect and we were lucky enough to enjoy lots of time outside for the Easter weekend scouting fire stations, playgrounds and a nature center. As this week’s list came to together, I realized there’s a consistent theme of  love + action and the powerful things that happen when the two are combined. Below are the items bringing a smile (and inspiration) to me this week.

  1. A Love Song…That’s how Eddie Veddar introduced Just Breathe at an ’09 concert in Philly. At another performance, he cited his children, grandfather and significant other as his inspiration for the lyrics that celebrate the simple intimate luxury of being in someone’s presence – just breathing.
  2. An Immeasurable Gift…I cannot provide an intro that will do this story about a young family in need of a kidney the proper justice. It showcases love, faith and selflessness – well worth the time to read it.
  3. Pizza Party…Pizza is a weekly staple in our meal plans. I use this dough recipe to keep homemade rolls of wheat dough on hand in the freezer. Since going plant based, we have tried our pizzas with dairy-free cheese (not a fan) and simply cheese-less (surprisingly good). When I came across this recipe for vegan parmesan cheese, I was so skeptical I had to try it to believe it. My aunt as my witness: my children, my husband and I inhaled it. (Another first: I sautéed the veggies before layering them on the pizza. Well worth the extra step.)
  4. Wedding and a Puppy…A smart, beautiful, kind and big-hearted colleague was recently married. She traded traditional flowers for furry puppies with the intention to find homes for 8 puppies (which she did!) and to raise awareness for others who need homes. And then her little idea went viral!
  5.  What We Can Do…Meghan’s actions got me all inspired and reminded me that truly one person can make a difference. But only if they believe they can do it…Far too many people have no idea of what they can do because all they have been told is what they can’t do.  Zig Ziglar.

Quick note about today’s picture: I snapped this shot during an early am run. It’s been a while since I ran while the sun was rising. This shot may not be insta-worthy or in some tropical locale, but the sun rising is kind of exceptional on its own. I hope you have a lovely and great week.



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