Weekly Top 5, Vol. 10 – Officially Down South (again)

Happy Monday! We made the big transition south (more south) over the last week (which is also why there were no posts last week)! After abandoning my morning routine for a few days, as soon as I went back to it, I realized how important it has become to starting my day on the right foot. Despite staying up late to unpack boxes, getting up early was completely worth it to have a peaceful cup of coffee and a moment to myself before the day broke (that could be taken not just figuratively, but literally too!)

We are feeling somewhat set up and settled. These things are not only making me happy but helped get us through the move in one piece.

  1. Can’t Get This Out of My Head…this song, Die Young by Sylvan Esso grabbed me the first time I heard it. But it seemed a little dark. Then I heard the duo in an interview. Amelia (that pretty voice heard singing the track) described it as a love song in her own Addam’s Family type of way which made me laugh. Now I listen too it a little too loud.
  2. Pretending I’m Getting My 8 Hours…There is so much that I want to do every single day! Sleep is one of the things that gets compromised. To hide that little secret, I blend W3ll People’s concealer beneath my eyes. Magic sleeping fairy dust.
  3. Could (and Did) Eat This Everyday…The Sunday night of our move week, I made a double batch of this Mango Chickpea Curry. It fed us (dairy and meat free) for several more nights. The recipe says it serves three. It definitely serves more than that. The next time I make it, I’ll go lighter on the red pepper. It was too spicy for this weak palate (but so good I kept eating it anyway). If you like heat – stay true to the recipe as my husband and dad thought the spice level was perfect. I can’t wait to make this again.
  4. Pure Excitement…Everyone loves a Hole-in-One. The sheer awe of accomplishing the near impossible. After Matt Kuchar hit a Hole-in-One on the 16th during yesterday’s Masters, he and everyone the gallery cheered in a very un-golf-clap kind of way. Even better was the look on the this boys’ face when Kuchar gave him the ball. The selflessness of Kuchar + the disbelief / happiness of the kid is priceless. All actions worth me aiming to emulate this week.
  5. Saying Thank You…During the move, we experienced multiple companies’ fails. By the 4th company’s simple failure, I lost my $%i&. The next day I was still agitated. I knew I needed to change my focus from all the things that were going wrong to what was going right. So, I found my gratitude journal. I hadn’t touched it in 6 days (which coincided with the day I hopped into the car and drove the kids south). I chipped away at catching up. As I listed things, I started feeling better and seeing things differently. So when I read this…”Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life.” (Jack Canfield), I was on board.

Other things keeping me happy: flowers from a friend (pictured above), a surprise delivery of popcorn (not pictured above as I compulsively shoveled it all into my mouth to cope with some of the stress) and random texts check-ins to see how the move was going. Very grateful to have such sweet, thoughtful and wonderful friends in my life. Hope you have a great week!



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