Weekly Top 5, Vol. 9 – Spring’s Here!

I didn’t even realize last Monday was the first day of Spring. Happy Spring! The picture above is clearly a shot from fall. It’s the view of my homestretch on my running route. I had to give it a proper goodbye. We had several other proper goodbyes this weekend including a party thrown by the best neighbors in the world. I’m trying to think of them all as celebrations of friendships (because goodbyes to amazing people aren’t fun). Here are some other things I’m celebrating…

  1. On Repeat…I am almost a year late to this party. Pharrell was the artist in residence at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. After visiting a masterclass to critique the students, this reaction to Alaska by Maggie Rogers, stood out. You and I, there’s air in between. Has it ever been said more eloquently than that?
  2. Young Hustlers…The first weekend of spring. The temps were a little warmer and I encountered my first Lemonade of the season. I have this rule where I always stop. I tell myself I’m doing it for the kids. But honestly, I do it for myself. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than watching the kids excitedly look at each other that they got another customer, pour the glasses, count the money and exclaim: Thank you!


    My kids are the beneficiaries of my compulsive lemonade stand buying habit.

  3. Not Missing Meat…I like having variety in our no meat burger recipes. These Sweet Potato Chickpea Quinoa Burgers give us options so we don’t overload on these amazing black bean burgers. The first time I made these, I invited my aunt over for dinner. She told me she couldn’t make it because she was in Florida. It was a heck of an excuse to avoid a veggie burger. Her loss because these things are yummy. I love preparing these on a Sunday afternoon and saving them for a week night where I need a no hassle dinner (they can be frozen too!) My only modification is to reduce the red pepper from 1 ts to 1/4 ts. The first time we made these they were too hot for the kids and me. (kid tip: serve with ketchup)
  4. Thank you for Writing this!…Yess!! When I have to make my own decisions, I often tell myself: I can’t toil over this. Make a decision and move on. When people ask me to help them make decisions, I sometimes say: I can’t make that decision for you. If they keep pushing me, I find myself saying: Please, I can’t. I just can’t make one more decision. This likely makes me sounds cold, but it’s how I feel (I talked about the 300,000+ decisions I have to make per week in this blog post). This article, which discusses Decision Fatigue, validates me! I haven’t adopted the same outfit tip, but I do it with grocery shopping, meals, morning routine, when I post, etc.
  5. Becoming Friends with Fear…I can’t remember where I found this one, but the one who said it has Oprah’s seal of approval. So it’s got that golden blessing. “Always go with the choice that scares you most, because that the one that is going to require most from you.”  Caroline Myss

Happy Monday. Hope you have a great day and a great week!



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