Weekly Top 5, Vol. 8 – Not So March Madness

Already mid-way through March! Small changes on these Weekly Top 5 lists. First up: “Weekly Top 5, Vol. 8″…all by itself, it’s too Dewey Decimal System for me. I like the organization it provides, but it needs a little pizzazz. So I’m adding some words to it (don’t worry, I already went back and added words to all the previous posts. Because I like consistency and symmetry like that.) The other small change-up:… I’m adding a quote. One, because it’s Monday so why not start the week with something to help us be better (or at least consider being better)?! And two, because if I keep doing two consumer products per week, I’ll be broke by the end of the year. Plus I’m just not consuming at the rate I used to (and not really that important to me anymore either). Here’s what I am hearting this week…

  1. Listening to…After last Thursday’s post, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Ryan Adams’ Oh My Sweet Carolina, James Taylor’s Carolina In My Mind and Fleet Foxes’ Blue Ridge Mountains have been on some sort of repeat.
  2. Better Call Becky with the Good Hair…Of all the products where I’ve made the transition to natural, the two most difficult have been deodorant (duh – this is a pretty open complaint amongst those ducking chemicals) and shampoo + conditioner. I’m about to recommend another Shea Moisture product. By now you probably think I’m either getting paid by them (I’m not) or that I don’t try anything else (I do). I’ve tried Burt’s Bees and several varieties of Nature’s Gate, but none have made my hair as happy as Shea Moisture’s Argan Oil and Almond Milk Smooth and Tame. The shampoo has a more than decent lather for a natural. The conditioner is not too thick or runny and leaves my hair silky and smooth (and Ulta has them on sale!).
  3. Tastes Like Take-out…I aspire to one day whip out coupons as I’m checking out at the grocery. Those people seem so sensible and conscientious! So when the Kroger magazine comes, I flip through it looking for coupons. This week, I didn’t find any for products we normally buy (I never do and buying products I don’t normally buy just because they are on sale isn’t saving money), but I did find a recipe, Inside-Out Vietnamese Spring Roll. The recipe is in pict below. I tweaked it to be plant-based and match my preferences. I replaced the Sriracha with Red Curry Paste (because we didn’t have sriracha, but we did have red curry paste and I don’t love heat). The recipe calls for boiling the asparagus. I elected to steam, instead of boil, since that preparation method better preserves their nutrients. I also steamed the carrots and red pepper with the asparagus (all in the same pot). I did not use the sugar or mint called for in the recipe.Vietnamese Recipe
  4. Just Two Dudes…We celebrated our birthdays (thanks, mom!) by attending the Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen Live Conversation. I cried most of the show (because I have this weird thing that when I laugh too hard, I cry). It included light-hearted revelry, tales about Anderson Cooper going to war zones on a fake press pass, Andy Cohen’s hustle, their vacations and ended with that persistent theme: work hard. There are still dates left. This is definitely worth picking a city and making a weekend trip out of it.
  5. Say Something…This is pressure. The first quote of my change-up. It either needs to be fitting or a a mic drop. So I went with both: We cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are, Max DePree.

That’s it for this week. Hope it’s a good one for you!



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