Weekly Top 5, Vol. 7 – Daylight Savings Edition

Happy Monday morning! They keep coming – so fast. They’re here and then gone and then here again! Thanks to Daylight Savings, this Monday morning actually did come sooner than last week’s. I think that calls for  extra coffee (you better belief I pre-made it last night) and happy things.

  1. More Music…If you haven’t figured it out, I use music to cope. To push through a run, to get through a flight, to churn through some work. It helps me drown out whatever is going on around me so I can focus on the task on hand. Am I a Good Man by Iron & Wine featuring Ben Bridwell (lead singer of Band of Horses) has been a staple to get me through these flights back and forth between Louisville and Charlotte. (As I have mentioned before, I have a love / hate with flying. It’s convenience is amazing. But finding discomfort in tight spaces isn’t ideal for a girl who flies a lot for work.) Since I find very loud music delivered via headphones into my ears comforting, every flight is a step closer to hearing aids for me.
  2. Staying Cozy…My husband finds random gifts from the corners of the internet. Sometimes they are really nice tries and sometimes they are home runs (even home runs are preceded by strikes!). I have to admit when I opened this one, I gave the, “oh thanks, babe. It’s really awesome. No seriously, I mean it: Totes Loves Foreves.” And then put it on to make myself sound more believable. Then I actually did fall in love with it. The I wear it multiple days in a row once a week type of love. It’s cute, cut well, not bulky like most sweatshirts and truly keeps me warm. Its color is pretty forgiving too for the yogurt / banana / milk / tears / slobber / snot / ___(fill-in the blank) that inevitably ends up on my clothes.FS Sweatshirt
  3. Short-Order Cook…Our favorite new parents visited this weekend with their precious baby. An avid meal planner for years, Sarah shared this Enchilada Casserole with us. The only problem with it: we overate (like at 9pm last night I was shoveling cold left-overs straight out of the Snapware into my mouth). I made a few adjustments: (1) replaced the chicken with a can of drained and rinsed Pinto Beans, (2) eliminated the dairy (cheese & sour cream) and (3) added a can of diced tomatoes. The recipe lists the vegetables in cup sizes. Here’s how that equated in items needed from the store: the onion was 1/2 of an onion. The green pepper was a quarter and I used two small zucchinis. It turned out to be more than a cup, but I went with it. I used burrito size tortillas because that’s what we had in the fridge (and I try to avoid wasting food), but next time I’ll go smaller. These picts do not do it justice. Ryan described it as his favorite meal since we began this plant-based adventure 2+ months ago and swears it was not missing the meat. 

  4. Not Noxzema…Seems slightly counter-intuitive to wash my face with black soap, but charcoal soap is the best. It’s gentle enough to use morning and night without drying out or irritating my skin. I use Beautycounter’s Charcoal Bar which has lasted for a year, but at $24 a bar, the price is steep. Yes To makes a version that’s available at Target at a fifth of the cost. This product is not Ladies only. The scent is neutral and I have a friend whose soap was commandeered by her husband.
  5. In the Presence of Greatness…Before I proceed, full disclosure that I am not some highly cultured dance aficionado. Furthermore, with the attention span equivalency of a three year old, I was a little worried about a two performer show’s ability to hold my attention for an hour (let along 15 minutes.) Still, I was absolutely captivated by Some of a Thousand Words. Danced by Wendy Whelan and Brian Brooks to the original music of Brooklyn Rider, the piece premiered at Jacob’s Pillow last June and was commissioned by several theaters: The Joyce Theater in NYC, LA, and Louisville (Wendy’s hometown). The performance gorgeously and enchantingly flew (and purposely fell) by. I wish I could see it again. I have searched to see if there will be any other dates and can’t find any. Maybe the take-away from this one: I am never disappointed when I attend live performances. These brave people who have the passion and commitment to dedicate themselves to a creative path. I may not be a dancer (one year of ballet and tap does not count), but that didn’t prevent me from enjoying and being inspired by their beautiful work.Some of a Thousand Words

Have a great week!



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