Weekly Top 5, Vol. 6 – Marching Through

Another week that saw Charlotte during the week and Louisville on the weekend. We finally had a relaxing weekend that was filled with a visit from family, lots of playing with the boys, a great solo run, a trip to the zoo and some well deserved guy time for my husband. Loving this quiet morning with coffee and the drizzle of rain on our windows. After getting in bed at 8 last night, I’m ready to…get this week started!

  1. Sounds good…Sometimes I stumble upon a song that is just so fitting for my life that I can’t stop listening to it. Enter Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers. It found its way to my ears in early February when our life was changing in a way I never foresaw (we are not pregnant again). Granted we’re not driving through the state in the middle of the night, but I can relate to having that person who decides on me and decides on us – every day.


    The boys are their first baseball game with the one who always decides on us.

  2. Primp Time…Every woman should have a go to hairstyle. One that covers up what really happened that morning: whether she overslept, her hair dryer broke, or she just plain didn’t feel like going to all the trouble of shampoo + condition, plus dry + style. For me, that go to is the Donut Bun. The only thing I do wrong, when people compliment it, I feel obliged to confess why my hair’s in a bun: thanks, I didn’t have time to shower this am! If I can do this, anyone can. Step 1: high ponytail, make sure hair is smooth and flat and the ponytail high and tight, Step 2: place hair through the center hole of the donut, Step 3: Roll your hair around the donut towards your head. When I do this for the weekend, I roll it messy. When I do it for the office, I am more precise in my rolling so it stays smooth. Step 4 (optional): quick shot of hairspray to keep fly-aways smooth. Voila!


    After a day in the office and a flight home, hair still in place.

  3. Yum…The only thing better than a good recipe is a good recipe tested and recommended by a friend. That’s how I found this amazing healthy and plant-based / vegan friendly Banana Bread. Even better, whole wheat and no refined sugar! In the notes, there are multiple substitutes for every food intake philosophy. I went with the vegan version which recommended a flax seed egg to replace real eggs (this was my first time making a flax seed egg!) I also followed my friend’s advice to make muffins because she thinks loaves are more prone to drying out. After being out of town all week for work, I was so excited to whip these up for my boys and with their help. Best sous chefs ever. Baked Saturday morning, gone by Sunday morning.
  4. Parent Life…All moms should have a mom mentor. A mama about 5 years ahead in her mom career. The ideal candidate loves her children dearly and approaches life with similar values and mindset. And has a successful work product to show for her efforts. My mama mentor has been invaluable for passing along information for the life stages she’s crossed before me. Her most recent recommendation is the Common Sense Media app. Our boys are just hitting the age that they are learning that they can select and control what they are watching. Gone are the days where they thought PBS was the only game in town. I’m pumped to have this app in my arsenal. commonsenseapp
  5. Extra Credit…I could stare at maps all day long. Growing up, we had a globe that I would examine as I ran my fingers over the numerous countries and terrain. Well, apparently it was missing something: like an entire continent. Does it make anyone else feel a little less “the world revolves around me” when reading the part about humans existing for 200,000 years and continents that have existed for 80 million years?

On that note, I’m going to get my humble little existence started on another beautiful week!



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2 thoughts on “Weekly Top 5, Vol. 6 – Marching Through

  1. Kendra says:

    Love! I got off facebook and instagram but luckily remembered the name of your blog so I could check it directly and p.s. your chocolate chip added to the banana bread rec is APPROVED and me and Cain (the chocolate lovers in the house)!


    • Libby Vish Carl says:

      Yay! The chocolate mini-chips were perfect pecans were a little much for the boys but I loved them (realizing I totally meant to add that to the post and forgot. That’s how these last few weeks have been.) Enter your email on the right and you won’t have to remember the web address (nothing bad will happen to your email)!


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