Weekly Top 5, Vol. 5 – Flying through February

Good Morning! Another beautiful week. Last Monday, I caught the sunrise from the sky (hence the picture above). My week started in Charlotte and ended in Louisville. Friday saw me running outside in a t-shirt with my best friend and Saturday saw snow. Guess that means March is around the corner!

  1. I really love me some Ryan Adams. He’s there for me for almost every reflective and melancholy moment of life. With his latest album, released mid-month, he added divorce to his repertoire of honest songs for hard moments. Written as he was going through a divorce, this album is about 8-9 years too late for my life (don’t worry Ryan Adams had plenty of other songs to get me through heartbreaks and break-ups over the years), but I’m still enjoying it. Favorites: Do You Still Love Me? has been receiving airtime. Also good: Shiver and Shake, BreakdownAnything I Say to You NowBroken Anyway (notice the intro. I heart anyone who also scribbles in Moleskine).
  2. Running shoes should be comfortable, cute and the sole should not rival that of platform shoes. Over the years, Nikes are the only brand where my feet, heels, shins and / or knees don’t suffer. I found these in Rose Gold at Nordstrom Rack. While the Rose Gold seems to be gone (I have spent way too much time searching to the ends of the internet to find another pair). The black and coral (they call it Lava Glow) color combo is a close second.


    I probably don’t have a career in shoe styling, but you get the gist.

  3. I want my dinners to be easy. I also want them to taste good. This Thai Curry Peanut Sauce quickly dresses up any meal. I stumbled upon the recipe because I wanted thai curry but didn’t want to order out (which somehow ends up costing $30-$40?! Plus I always overeat and wake up with fingers that look like tootsie rolls.)  We have used it to spice up chicken and brown rice, mixed vegetables, tofu and rice. This weekend, my meat-eating family members went back for seconds and even ate the tofu because the sauce was that good. More importantly, it passed the kid test in our house and keeps for a few days. Notes: The recipe calls for salmon and coconut cilantro rice. I only make the sauce. It calls for 3 TB of brown sugar. I only do 1 and the taste is still great.
  4. If you are planning a get away for the spring, seriously consider Highlands, North Carolina. While driving in (we came in on 28 / 64), plan time to stop and enjoy the ridiculous scenery. There are several pull-offs along the way to admire the waterfalls and the sweeping views. We were, of course, running late for the rehearsal dinner we were attending. So we made the mistake of not stopping. Accommodations include Old Edwards Inn (the fancier option) or 200 Main (where we stayed). Both are in town. Both are within walking distance to everything, including Buck’s Coffee which is the perfect place to start the day. From in-town you can hike (or run like I did) to Sunset Rock and overlook the town. With a short drive, you can hike Whiteside Mountain. On Oak Street, just behind 200 Main, is a trail head for more adventurous hiking. When finished with nature (or if you skip it all together), there are plenty of restaurants and cute stores to enjoy.
  5. Man oh man. There are many things I play really really safe (hello, starting college with an accounting major even though I hate numbers, because my dad told me I’d always have something to fall back on.) But as I’ve gotten older, playing it safe feels like a bigger risk than not playing with my full heart. This piece nails it. Here’s an excerpt: “What happens is that people confuse pain with risk. Protecting people from risk does not protect people from pain.” Click here to read all of it!

And with that big pep talk, time to get this week started. Hope it’s a great one for you! Please like, follow by email (button over on the left) or comment if you’re liking something! I so appreciate all the feedback!



Housekeeping Note: Prior to posting last week’s Top 5, I played with some settings on my site. Turns out it made the hyper-links in my post hard to see. For all of you who asked about the recipe for the Chickpea Salad, click HERE. Or: 2 cans chickpeas drained and rinsed, half an avocado, 2 TB mayo, 1 small red onion chopped (I use half), 2 ribs of celery chopped, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1/2 tsp tumeric, 2 TB apple cider vinegar. Throw in a food processor. Eat straight out of the food processor. Place on bread and enjoy.

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