Weekly Top 5, Vol.4 – Paying it Forward

Happy Monday Morning! It’s an earlier than normal morning for me as I’m en route to Charlotte for a work trip. We had a great weekend including…

a day date! I forced the picture as soon as we got to our seats because we only have picts of our boys.


This week’s list (inadvertently) is primarily recommendations from others. So here I am paying it forward…enjoy!

  1. This song, I Think You’re Wonderful by Red Grammar, is currently on repeat in our house. I like starting our day happy. The kids don’t always agree (having children puts a whole new level of truth in the saying: You’re acting like a child.). So we have started listening (and maybe singing along and dancing too) to this with breakfast. Try listening to this song without smiling. I felt silly at first, but then I couldn’t fight it.
    1.  Does that last name sound familiar? I thought it did too. It’s Andy Grammar’s dad! These are songs he made up for his boys when they were young. Apparently telling your kids they’re wonderful is effective since he raised a multi-platinum artist.
  2. I love talented people and I believe in supporting them when I can. I also believe in still sending old-school hand-written paper notes. For the last few years, I have been getting my paper fix through Meg Morrow Fine Paper. This talented girl designs wedding invitations, stationery, address stamps and any other paper or design need (including the new logo above!).  Heart her and her work.


    Meg Morrow designed stationery and address stamp.

  3. My current lunch crush is a Chickpea Salad Sandwich. Eight simple ingredients. One step prep: combine all ingredients in a food processor. And done. Making it in advance means that by the time lunch rolls around, all I have to do is slap it on bread. This is one of those things that gets better each day. Note: I use half of what the recipe calls for on the onion.
  4. Over on Gigi Naturelle’s blog, I learned that Shea Moisture makes mascara. What?! A natural mascara I can pick up from Ulta at a third of the cost I was previously paying. I’m in. So far I’ve tried the Volumizing formula. It looks great. The brush is different than standard mascara wands which normally look like our fake Christmas tree before we fluff the branches. But don’t be scared, it works just as well, if not better.
  5. I’m bad about checking my phone, really bad. From text messages to work email to personal email to Instagram (if you saw this post, you know I took the Facebook app off my phone to help counter my lack of self-control), I’m constantly monitoring. So I can use any tips out there. This piece gives three easy-to-follow practices to curb the distraction and focus (my favorite is #2).

Off and running this Monday! Hope you have a great week!



Don’t forget to like, comment and follow. This week’s #1 is courtesy of one of you! I love how that works! Please share anything you are loving!

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