Weekly Top 5, Vol. 3 – Never Say Never

Monday’s here! What a week! It was a reminder that life is one big adventure full of chapters. It started with the enduring concept that I keep forgetting: Never say Never because you-know-who laughs at you. And led into a weekend that highlighted several of those chapters: a girls night with mama friends, catching up with old high school friends, drinks with neighbors and ended with a drop-in from family. Life is good.

Make sure your coffee is in hand. Here we go for this week!…

  1. I am inspired by watching others go for it. There are few better examples than musicians. Performing in front of you. Heart on the table. Talent on display. Whoever the artist, I have never left a concert and said: I really regretted that. Low-hanging fruit: we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day a day late at WFPK’s Winter Wednesdays (the counter-part to Waterfront Wednesdays). One of this week’s artists is River Whyless, a folk band from Asheville. I can’t get enough of their song Life Crisis.
    1. We also made it to the December show for Lolo. Girl can sing and she has something to say. Her songs, Shine and Not Gonna Let You Walk Away, are worth checking out.
  2. These Black Bean Burgers are easy to make, delicious and kid approved. I make them ahead of time on Sunday so I roll into the week with at least one meal already done. The recipe calls for making the patties in 1/4 cup portions. I prefer making them in 1/2 cup portions. Follow the advice about using the plastic wrap. I ignored that the first time. Did not make that mistake the second time.
  3. Girls Nights. The absolute best. I was lucky enough to have two in a row last week. At the second, I learned about this Ted Talk. Practice (deliberate practice) makes perfect. But only if we’re reflecting and self-aware enough to be practicing the things we really care about it. It’s the same thing Beyonce does. Or if you’re familiar with Mark Lanier, he often speaks of his disciplined practice of reviewing and improving. Adopting what these two do is not a bad idea.fitzgerald
  4. Sweaty Bands are essential to keeping my hair (and sweat) out of my face while running or working out. As important, they do not move! Born and made in Cincinnati. If you are in Ohio’s Queen City, head to their warehouse by Lunken for a deal (and then test it out by doing a lap around Lunken!). If not, check them out online. Started by a mom, pilates instructor, entrepreneur…you get the gist, awe-inspiring.
  5. Shea Moisture’s CC Cream. Last month I gushed over my favorite natural make-up products, including BeautyCounter’s Dew Skin. It’s still my first love, but its price tag is hefty at $45 a pop. With the Christmas expenses hangover in full effect, I set out for something less Grant and more Jackson. First, I tried Burt’s Bees BB Cream. Nope. I looked better without it on. When I learned Shea Moisture had a CC Cream – I was on it. I found it at Ulta where I could use a tester (yay to trying before buying!)  It provides light, blendable coverage. At $15.99, I don’t cringe when handing over my money. Loving wearing this daily.

Happy Monday!




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