Weekly Top 5, Vol. 2 – Unofficial National Holiday

Good morning! I’m a little sleepy after using the Super Bowl as an excuse to have friends over. And then the 4th quarter comeback! (My theory: the companies who paid big bucks for airtime were a little upset about viewers turning it off and suddenly the Patriots have 31 unanswered points?).

Back to our little get together, navigating all of our New Year’s diets made for an eclectic (and healthy) spread of food. It was all so good that I still overate. Happy Super Bowl (wouldn’t be the same without eating like I am an actual football player!) On to this week’s Top 5!

  1. I have to admit that I have never read nor seen any of the 50 Shades franchise. But the songs from the movie are leaking out. Some highlights:
    1. Corinne Bailey Rae covering Coldplay’s The Scientist. Say what you want about Coldplay now, but this song. I mean we all have some moment with The Scientist. For goodness sake, on Youtube the Official Video has been viewed over 272 million times. My moment: it was a sunny day in May, right after Y2K. I was driving south on 27, in the middle of rural Ohio, forever leaving the Miami (of Ohio) that had been mine for 4 years. Oh young me. I was so sad about the things behind me, I had no idea that the things in front of me would only get better.
    2. Brittney Spears covering her own hit, Toxic.
    3. Beyonce covering Amy Winehouse’s, Back to Black.
  2. This hairdryer. I know, is a hair dryer worth writing about? Yes. When it dries hair in 3 minutes and leaves it so smooth (i.e. no frizz) and silky that I don’t need a straightener. At $60, I was slow to buy it. Turns out, it is well worth it: saves time, eliminates a step and makes my hair almost look the way it does when I leave the salon.


    Flipped my head upside down, dried hair for 3 minutes, brushed hair. Done.

  3. Dairy and I don’t get along. Never have. So, I decided to try a cheeseless queso (I know, what’s the point?!) for the Super Bowl. I could NOT stop eating it (good thing I followed one of my rules: Never watch a sporting event without doing my own sporting event the same day, and hit Tabata in the AM). Don’t be fooled by the eggplants and almond milk. It’s an amazing alternative, even for folks that do get along with dairy.
  4. We all saw Audi’s ad last night (or sometime last week in the whole pre-release thing), right? There’s some controversy aimed at Audi’s own executive team composition and there are some arguments about the wage gap itself (this notes the many variables at play). Either way, we’re talking about it.
  5. I normally choose wine based on the label. This hasn’t proven to be a particularly reliable method. So when I noticed a wine that combines two of my favorite vices, bourbon and cabernet; I chose substance over style.wine It was a good move. It’s full-bodied which pairs well with cold winter nights. I am no wine connoisseur (for that I highly recommend checking out The Swirling Dervish) but this has been keeping my simple palate happy.

Thanks for spending time here! Happy Monday!



Follow, comment, let me know if you found any great things this week or made something yummy last night!

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