Cleaning up my Clean Up Act: Natural Makeup

Blame it on the all-girls high school I attended, but I have never been able to get in the habit of wearing makeup during the day. College. Law school. The Office. Nope.

The only occasions that warranted makeup were: going out with friends, dates, speaking engagements, client meetings – that was about it.

I still feel a little self-conscious when I wear makeup. Yet (I hate to admit this) I feel better when I apply it. Doctors must think there is something to that too. After my first child was born, the North Carolina hospital’s discharge papers directed new mothers to apply makeup to ward off postpartum!

Call it hitting 35 and realizing I could use some help. Or call it moving back to my small hometown where it is impossible to go anywhere without bumping into someone, but two things happened in 2016:

1) I have finally hit a point where I am applying makeup (almost) daily and

2) One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to switch all of my products to something a little less toxic (the other was to start this blog: throw back to my first post).


The current, 2016 revised, makeup tray.

In the last year, I have set out to find natural makeup that works. Lucky for me, at the same time that I am embarking on wearing makeup on the regular, natural makeup is becoming mainstream. Most are available online, which can be convenient, but can be difficult since it cannot be tried first.


My first W3ll People delivery. All products purchased after review-scouring or a complete leap of faith.

Here are my favorite tried and true items for the cleaner, no makeup makeup look:

  1. Beautycounter’s Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. This tinted moisturizer is special. It does not look or feel like makeup while providing SPF 20 protection. Its light coverage is enough to even out my skin and bring my red down a few notches (yay! to fair skin and ginger roots).  It works well with chasing little people on the weekend, running errands, working from home; the life events where full on makeup might be a little much.
    • Application: All over using Beautycounter’s Retractable Foundation Brush. This brush converted me from applying with my fingers. Never going back.
    • EWG Score: 2
    • Note: I do not work for Beautycounter nor am I receiving any compensation for this post. I truly love this product. If you follow the link, you will be on my beauty consultant’s page who amazingly has turned a challenge in her life to helping prevent others from going through the same.
  2. W3ll People’s Bio Brightener Stick.  A highlighter is new to my routine and I love it.
    • Application Site: Around the outer edges of my eye from the sides of my forehead underneath my eyes along to the highest point on my cheeks.  Like a Number Muncher is trying to eat my eye. Then blended with a Super Blender.
    • EWG Score: 1  EWG Verified
  3. W3ll People’s Bio Bronzer Stick.  I lack the cheekbones of a model. This helps me pretend I have cheekbones. I don’t think anyone is falling for it. But I’m going to keep trying.
    • Application site: Underneath my cheekbone. While applying I suck my cheeks in to find the right spot (it looks ridiculous, but don’t we all have a makeup face?) I use the same Super Blender mentioned above to blend, otherwise it looks like I’m wearing war paint.
    • EWG Score: 1 EWG Verified
    • Note on the Bio Brightner and Bronzer: I always wear these two together and often without blush. I have enough natural red in my cheeks. I only need something on my cheeks if I am wearing a true foundation.
  4. Beautycounter’s Color Shade Eye Duo (eye shadow). With the pearl / champagne duo, I use the white as the base. It is the only way to keep my eyeliner in place. Otherwise it ends up on the crease of my eye lid and I look like a crazy lady (I do just fine making people think I’m a crazy lady by the way I fumble through the day. I don’t need misplaced eye liner to contribute too.)
    • Application site: The pearl is applied to the area of my eyelid beneath the crease. The champagne is applied in my crease and the outer corners of my eyes.
    • EWG Score: 1
  5. W3ll People’s Hypnotist Eye Pencil (eyeliner) in Chocolate. I have small eyes. Eyeliner is essential to my routine.  Therefore I have tried many eyeliners. This color is the perfect brown. It’s not espresso (dark brown that is almost black). It is not chestnut (think the color of mud). It is brown, like the color you expect brown to be.
    • Application: Upper eyelid above the water line (I just learned that word, but even without, I think we all know where eye liner goes.)
    • EWG Score: 1 EWG Verified
  6. W3ll People’s Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in Gold. Smells like mild cinnamon, looks like a natural lip shine with a hint of color and the texture is not too gummy or sticky. Bummer that it looks currently out of stock. There are several other great colors from which to choose.
    • Application: It’s lip gloss…
    • EWG Score: 2 this is for an older lip gloss formulation.

Let me know if there are any natural makeup products you are loving. And don’t forget to follow by email for posts delivered directly to your inbox! Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “Cleaning up my Clean Up Act: Natural Makeup

  1. Lorin Bent says:

    I love this post! I think I told you that I switched out virtually every makeup, skincare, haircare, beauty product and home cleaners for natural ones when we were trying to get pregnant. I haven’t tried any of the products you use and am excited to give them a go. I use a lot of Physician’s Formula (you have to be careful to get the Organics line because their normal line isn’t as great for you). I love their foundation and bronzer and mascara. But I admit that I still use MAC eye shadow and eye primer because there’s just nothing like them and I’m vain. Loving that one of your 2016 goals has been so enjoyable for me too! Now if your running could count for me 🙂


    • Libby Vish Carl says:

      Thank you! And same here – almost everything has been replaced! There’s likely a future post re my favorite other products. I’ll have to check out Physician’s Formula’s Organics line – thanks for the tip! Another one that I should have put on the list: W3ll People’s Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer is pretty amazing (not saying children cause under eye problems, just saying…).


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