Playlist: Winter Training

It’s February.  The newness of winter has worn off.  The promise of spring isn’t yet in sight.  About this time winter seems colder, darker and longer.  All this makes finding the inspiration to bundle up for a run or a workout at the gym a little tougher.  When I am struggling to get myself going, I turn to new music to get me out the door. This endeavor is a multi-day task of scouring iTunes’ Top Songs, genres, playlists and the internet to find the right songs for me…

 I am particular about my playlists and find workout music surprisingly personal.  I have never loved every song on a workout mix given to me.  Nor have my friends ever loved every song on mixes I made for them.  Instead we all found gems in each others lists.  I hope these gems keep me (and you!) moving and warm right into spring.

Some things to know about my workout music:

  1. I could never listen to some these songs in front of my mother or father.
  2. While new to me, not all are fresh releases.
  3. The goal with my workout music is to run/move/push faster and harder.
  4. The order matters.  Something in the beginning to warm up my muscles and motivate my psyche.  Stuff in the middle to push harder (or skip if I am not feeling that song that day).  And stuff at the end to keep my legs moving fast even when they might not want to go faster.  I always like a good stretch song at the end.  I have been known to reorder a playlist that isn’t working for me.

This list is 63 minutes inclusive of the 3 minute cool down song.  It provides a solid hour of music for running or training.

  1. Rise Up (2015) – Andra Day – Found this in a Beats by Dre ad featuring Serena Williams.  Makes me feel I am as bada$$ as her.  Listen to these words.  They set the mood.
  2. The Hills (2015) – The Weeknd – Gets me moving.  Don’t listen to these words.  It’s about the beat.
  3. How Deep is Your Love (2015) – Calvin Harris & R3Hab Remix – Anything with “remix” usually means I’ll have to run faster to keep up.
  4. Alive (2015) – Sia – Like her Colour the Small One album got me through studying (my academic version of training) for the KY bar, she gets me through athletic training too.
  5. All My Friends (2007) – LCD Soundsystem – Almost 8 minutes, easy to get lost in this song and not even realize another mile is now behind me.
  6. For a Better Day (2015) – Avicii
  7. Runaway (U&I) (2012) – Galantis
  8. Blessings (2015) – Big Sean – It’s hard not to count my blessings, even when pushing through snow, when breathing fresh air.
  9. Bitch Better Have My Money (2015) – Rihanna – Makes me believe for a second I’m as tough as Rihanna (I’m not, but a girl can pretend!)
  10. 0 to 100 / The Catch Up (2014) – Drake – Makes me believe I’m as hard as Drake and his crew (Again, a girl can pretend!)
  11. Confident (2015) – Demi Lovato – Great question.  Thank you, Demi.
  12. On to the Next One (2009) – Jay Z – Jay Z’s still making music and I’m still running to it – almost 20 years later.  That’s a fun realization – yay.
  13. We Found Love (2011) – Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
  14. Dark Horse (2013) – Katy Perry ft. Juicy J – Don’t judge me.
  15. Waves (2013) – Mr. Probz – For stretching and cool down, the original version does it for me.  This link takes you to the remix.  For my playlist I found the original on iTunes.

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