Why I follow Jessica Alba’s Workout Rules and Break Jillian Michaels’

There are some pros and cons about being a first born rule follower. Con: I can be predictable. Pro: I can set my own rules around things I want / know I need to do and then I have to do them because as a rule follower, I am obligated.

Over the years, I have created a series of rules about working out. Some follow Jessica Alba (i.e. 1 and 5), while some (like #5) contradict Continue reading

Weekly Top 5, Vol. 8 – Not So March Madness

Already mid-way through March! Small changes on these Weekly Top 5 lists. First up: “Weekly Top 5, Vol. 8″…all by itself, it’s too Dewey Decimal System for me. I like the organization it provides, but it needs a little pizzazz. So I’m adding some words to it (don’t worry, I already went back and added words to all the previous posts. Because I like consistency and symmetry like that.) The other small change-up:… Continue reading

Weekly Top 5, Vol. 6 – Marching Through

Another week that saw Charlotte during the week and Louisville on the weekend. We finally had a relaxing weekend that was filled with a visit from family, lots of playing with the boys, a great solo run, a trip to the zoo and some well deserved guy time for my husband. Loving this quiet morning with coffee and the drizzle of rain on our windows. After getting in bed at 8 last night, I’m ready to… Continue reading

How to Teach Mom to Behave

“GET.  IN.  THE.  CAR.  NOW!” I yelled in frustration and rage. My almost four year old son was backed into the corner of our garage. I was in standing in front of him punctuating each word by waving my arms in the air – breathless from screaming.

In the same moment, I saw the look of fear in my young son’s face. I stepped back. Continue reading