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                Intellectual Property/Information Security Management

                Canton Biologics has established a sound intellectual property protection system to ensure that the client's intellectual property rights areadequately protected in Canton. We attach the highest importance to the intellectual property rights of its customers, and promise to do everything in ourpower to ensure the attribution of its intellectual property rights and strives to ensure that the intellectual property rights of our customers are not infringed in any form. Canton Biologics also provides all available resources to ensure that the customer's intellectual property rights are protected on asecure technology platform, and establishes a considerable management and training system to strengthen the employees' awareness of the protection of the customer's intellectual property rights. We will strictly and severely pursueany form of infringement of customers' intellectual property rights from within and outside.

                The safe custody and lawful use of the client's core assets, such as cell lines, ensuring that they are not illegally acquired by any individual and used for any other purposes

                The safe custody and controlled use of the client's key technical data and the internal documents converted from themensuring that they are not leaked to any unrelated individuals

                Ensure a high degree of confidentiality for the client's project progress, not to release to any external individual (except the client), and alsomaintain information isolation for unrelated personnel within the company

                Client IP Management

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