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                Cell Line Development and Cell Banking

                Canton Biologics has a fully commercialized and authorized CHO cell line platform,  stable cell lines development services from vector construction to research cell bank (RCB). In addition, relying on the rich experience and advanced equipment of Canton Biologics’ scientists, we can also provide flexible customized services according to the specific needs of clients.

                Specialized in difficult-to-be-expressed proteins
                Authorized cell line for IND to commercial manufacturing
                Delivery time: from vector construction to TOP1 RCB clone  within 60 working days
                Protein titer: MAb, 8g/L; bsAb, 4.5 g/L; fusion protein, 6g/L; natural protein recombinant conversion 1.5g/L)
                Establishment of GMP standard master cell bank and working cell bank
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